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established 2 August 2005
Last update: 20 April 2016
Here Be Books & Games store front
Here Be Books & Games store front

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality used books and new games to casual readers, book lovers, collectors and gamers in Summerville, South Carolina and the surrounding Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester-county area. We are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our customers’ satisfaction by leveraging technology and providing exceptional service in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where customers can shop at leisure.

“Looking for a book or game? Let us help.”

About The Owners

Owners Tim and Tina dressed up for costumed Halloween Game Night
Owners Tim and Tina dressed up for costumed Halloween Game Night

Here Be Books & Games is owned and operated by Tim and Tina McDuffie. We both love to read and of course, we love to play games: board games, card games, and the occasional roleplaying game. You can often find us playing games, whether we’re learning something new, teaching a customer or just taking a break from work. You’re welcome to join us. Or ask us to show you or teach you something. There are lots more games for three or more players than for just two.


Since our earliest days as a couple (we got together in 1987), Tim and I (Tina) have always dreamed of owning a used-book and game store. Then in April 2005, Tim was finishing up with H & R Block and looking for something else to do; Tim’s retired Navy. I happened to visit The Book Outlet in Summerville looking for a Sara Paretsky novel. The owner had a sign up indicating he wasn’t taking trades after some date. I asked if he was going out of business, he said yes, we talked some more. When I got home, I excitedly told Tim, “You know how you’re looking for something new to do now that tax season is over? Let’s open a bookstore!”

So, we did some research. We put together a business plan. And we decided to go for it – the bookstore portion of our dream, that is. We bought The Book Outlet’s stock and immediately began computerizing our inventory. When The Stamp and Book Outlet closed in mid-July, we commenced a two-week stint of non-stop painting, carpeting, cleaning and organizing. We made the place ours.

Shelves stuffed with books
Shelves stuffed with books

We opened on August 2, 2005 with about 30,000 books stuffed on our shelves, only a small percentage of which were recorded in our computerized inventory. Now everything in our store is inventoried. (I wish I could say the same for the books in our storage unit.) It took over a year to get all 40,000+ titles entered what with trades coming in, too. (We began accepting trades about 2 months after we opened.)

We’ve tried to create the kind of store we’d want to shop: with comfy chairs for relaxing and reading, friendly staff who are always willing to help you, but don’t hover when you just want to browse, a good selection of books in a variety of categories with hardbacks, old books, roleplaying games, and boardgames, too. Basically, we wanted to build a store with a friendly, inviting atmosphere and service-oriented staff. I think we’ve succeeded, but you be the judge.

One of nice things about running a small business is that we can experiment. We’ve hosted a variety of events and invited the community to attend, including: book signings, story telling, Talk Like a Pirate Day celebrations, wizard rock concerts, iPad classes, Dungeon & Dragon Game Days, Free RPG Days, and monthly Game Nights (just for the fun of it).

Game Night and Expansion into Board Games

Game Night at Here Be Books & Games
Game Night at Here Be Books & Games

In 2007, we began holding monthly game nights at the store. We enjoyed our D & D Game Day and Free RPG Game Days so much, we wanted to make playing games at the store a regular thing. So, with encouragement from our customers, we did just that.

After awhile we noticed that people would often go out and by the games we played and/or taught them at Game Night. So we started thinking wouldn’t it be nice if they bought them from us. It took us awhile to find a distributor that carried the kind of games we wanted to stock. After a few false starts followed by some helpful advice from a Florida game store owner we met on vacation, we finally found two game distributors. Of course, the one we signed up with immediately went out of business. Ok, so there were more than few false starts.

Tim Teaching Fiery Dragons at Spann Elementary Family Game Night
Tim Teaching Fiery Dragons at Spann Elementary Family Game Night

The end of 2008 found us rearranging books and making room for games, thus completing our initial dream of a book and game store. We also began buying games for our game library, which we use for demonstrations, Game Nights and other gaming events. We’ve taken our games to local school festivals and family game nights hosted by the PTA of a local school.

Sometimes I think the games in our library multiply like bunnies. A few times the title count got over 600 and we had to trim it down. Most recently (Dec 2015) that led us to gift wrap them in bundles worth $30 or more and sell them for $5 bucks a pop. Boy did they go fast. Unfortunately, I think all that space gained is almost gone again.

Game Night at Here Be Books & Games
Game Night at Here Be Books & Games

Now it’s eight years later: Game Night is still goin’ strong with attendance in the 30s and higher. Games have expanded into the whole front area of the store to include 800+ titles, plus gaming accessories. All of our games are listed on our online store, too, so you can shop 24/7.

I can’t remember when I put up the online store. I know it was quite a few years ago.

We often take a break in the afternoon to play games and host the above-mentioned Game Nights on the first Saturday of every month. But you don’t have to wait for Game Night to try out a game: we’ll teach you how to play anytime. Just ask.

Newsletter and Game Review Blog

In 2013, I started writing a monthly newsletter for our customers featuring upcoming events, new arrivals, etc. Then began including game reviews. Before long the newsletter grew from 4 to 8 pages and I had more than 40 game reviews under my belt. Thus The Glass Meeple, my game review blog was born.

The Glass Meeple - Game Reviews by Tina
The Glass Meeple – Game Reviews by Tina

Now I write two or more game reviews a month. Christmas 2015 I had the stupid idea to write 24 Days of Stocking Stuffers. Oh, boy. Not the best decision I’ve ever made – and during our busiest time of the year, too. Whew.

What’s in the future? Who knows. Right now I just need to get this new web site and a brand new online store up and running.

Perhaps you could drop by and ask to play a game so I can take a break.



The fine art photographic prints displayed in the store and used on many of our bookmarks are by the late Philip James Filia, Tina’s long-time friend.

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