Announcing Our Used Games Program

Announcing HBB&G’s Used Games Program!


Used Games at HBB&G, section 1 of 3. Sample image only, selection changes frequently.
Used Games at HBB&G, section 1 of 3. Sample image only, selection changes frequently.

Did you know that Here Be Books & Games has Used Games & Puzzles sections full of gently used games and jigsaw puzzles at great prices? We do! And now we’re expanding them to include used games our customers want to sell! That means you!

Yep! We’re expanding our used game and puzzle sections! The additional games and puzzles will be sold on a Consignment basis. Each item (or lot of items) will have an accompanying Condition Tag full of helpful information – described by the Seller – about the item’s condition and completeness. Swing by and check out our selection of used games and puzzles – it changes all the time!

Need to make room on your game shelves for new games you want to buy? Read on!

Selling Used Games and Puzzles at Here Be Books & Games

If you have some games and/or puzzles you want to sell, you can bring them to us and we’ll sell them for you. So you can avoid the hassle of listing them on eBay and such. I won’t go into all of the nitty gritty details here – you can, and should, read them on our web site. Here are the key points:

Used Game Condition Tag
Used Game/Puzzle Condition Tag
  • You may offer up to five items for sale, including: gently used board games, jigsaw puzzles, roleplaying games (RPGs) and video games. Sorry, no miniatures, dice, or collectibles at this time.
  • Each item remains your property until it sells. We accept it on Consignment only. If your item doesn’t sell within about 60 days, we’ll ask you to pick it up. You may not resubmit that item for at least another 60 days.
  • For each item/lot you wish to sell, you must complete a Used Game Submission Form, which includes information about the completeness and condition of your item. Forms are available here on our web site and in the store.
  • Your asking price must be at least $5 and in whole dollars.
  • We’ll attach a Condition Tag, that includes your price and a summary of your condition notes, to the item then shrink wrap it before shelving.
  • Upon sale of an item, the Buyer will be given 3 days to return it if he or she doesn’t agree with your condition report.
  • Approximately three business days after the sale, we’ll notify you and issue you a Store Credit for 70% of your asking price.
  • Store Credit may be used for both new and used items in the store, but not for Auction purchases. We’re happy to order items for you, too.
Used Games Section 3 of 3 at Here Be Books & Games
Used Games at HBB&G, section 3 of 3. Sample image only, selection changes frequently.

So, if you’ve got too many games or puzzles you don’t play anymore clogging up your shelf, bring up to five of them in to Here Be Books & Games now and we’ll sell them for you! Then you can buy the puzzles and games you really want!

Download the Used Game Submission Form now and start selling your unwanted stuff at Here Be Books & Games!

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