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Try before you buy. We'll teach you how to play!
The Gate Room’s Game Library (Casual & Family Games)

You can try games before you buy them at Here Be Books & Games. There’s nothing worse than plunking down $50 for a game only to discover when you get it home, unwrap it and start reading the rulebook that it’s really not for you. We take the guess work out of finding the right games for you and your family and friends by maintaining a large and current Demo Game Library.

Treasure Chest of Small Demo Games
A treasure chest of small games.

At Here Be Books & Games, you can:

  • Ask for a game demo.
  • Check out the board and bits.
  • Browse the rulebook.
  • We’ll even teach you how to play!

We know board games. We’ve played most of the games we stock on our shelves. So, we can make good recommendations based on your tastes. Think of all the money you can save by trying games before you buy them or by getting advice from someone who’s actually played the game.

We Demo Games Anytime Upon Request

The Observatory's Game Library (Euro Strategy Games)
Part of the Observatory’s Game Library (Euro Strategy Games)

Want to see a game demoed? Just ask Tina or Tim. We’re happy to show you anytime. If you’d like, and have the time, take a seat and we’ll teach you how to play!

Want to know if we have a house copy of a particular game? Just ask us or click the button below to see the complete list.

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