Game Night

1st Saturday of every month!
When:1st Saturday of Every Month, 2pm til after midnight
Where:Currently meeting Virtually on our Discord server
Here Be Books & Games
810 Travelers Blvd Ste A2
Summerville, SC [map]
What to Bring:yourself, friends (optional), games (optional)
Admission:$7.50 FREE

Join us for Game Night at Here Be Books & Games the first Saturday of every month. Make new friends, socialize and have some fun. You can learn a new game or play an old favorite; either way you’re sure to have a good time.

Here Be Books & Games has been hosting Game Night the first Saturday of every month, including holidays, since 2007. The fun starts at 2:00 p.m. and runs until after midnight. We’ve been known to be here until 4:00 a.m. playing games!

Game Night FAQ

Gamers playing Clank! In! Space! in the Gate Room
Gamers playing Clank! In! Space! in the Gate Room
Victory at Pandemic: Fall of Rome at Game Night
Victory at Pandemic: Fall of Rome at Game Night

What kinds of games do you play?

We play a large variety of games, mostly Euros. No two Game Nights are the same. You can view our entire play list at Board Game Geek or see a list of what was played at a particular Game Night via the links in the stats section below. We’ve been tracking our plays on Board Game Geek (an awesome site, by the way) since March 1, 2009. Though we occasionally forget to post our day-to-day plays, we always post Game Night plays. [view stats of Game Nights Past]

May I bring my own games to play?

Certainly. If you have a favorite game you’d like to play, bring it with you. We love to learn new games.

However, please DO NOT bring large bags of games. They can take up a lot of space and become a trip hazard. If you want to bring several games, we prefer that you leave them in your car and get them as needed.

Do you have games there?

The Gate Room’s Game Library

Yes. We have an extensive and current Demo Game Library. We’ve invested quite a bit of money into our Game Library so that you can literally Try Before You Buy. We’ll even teach you how to play!

You’re welcome to play any of the games on the walls of our game rooms. You can tell demo games from house games easily. Demo games have a House Game label. Please do not open any shrink-wrapped games without permission from Tina or Tim – even if they have a House Game label on them.

What if I don’t know how to play a particular game or just don’t know how to play many games at all?

No problem. We’ll teach you how to play. I usually learn at least one new game every Game Night. There are just so many wonderful games in the world, it’s hard to know how to play them all. Plus, new ones are coming out all the time. The object of Game Night is to have fun. We could all use a little more fun in our lives.

Do you have beverages or should I bring my own?

We always stock a variety of non-alcoholic beverages that you can purchase at the store, including: regular and diet sodas, coffee, tea, chai, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, herbal tea and bottled water.

A variety of snacks are also available for purchase. If there’s something in particular you’d like us to carry, let us know. All drinks must be in reclosable containers (like bottles with screw tops) to reduce spills and they may not contain alcohol.

Several games going in the Dragon Room on Game Night
Several games going in the Dragon Room on Game Night

How much is admission?

Admission is $7.50 per person.

What ages can attend Game Night?

Most Game Night attendees are ages 15 through adult. Younger children are welcome as long as you supervise them. We have many games designed specifically for the younger set. Just ask Tina for suggestions.

What should I bring?

Just yourself. You’re welcome to bring a friend or two, too. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase at the store – we have a kitchenette now! If there’s a particular game you want to play that we don’t have in our Game Library, you can bring that, too.

Any special rules?

Betrayal at Baldur's Gate in progress in the Observatory
Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate in progress in the Observatory


  • Sign In and Check In at the counter when you arrive to pay and pick up your name badge.
  • Have fun.
  • Handle the games with care. They’re expensive. For example, don’t leave boxes on the floor where they can be stepped on. Try not to bend the cards, put everything back the way you found it… Some of the games you’ll play at Game Night are our personal copies or those of other attendees. Please treat them with care.
  • Log all of your plays in the Guest Book. The Guest Book is usually on the counter (it’s the one you had to sign in on when you arrived). As you play games, make sure someone from the group you play with, enters the game’s name – and any expansions played – on the Games Played page for that Game Night. You don’t have to note who played it, just what was played. If you play a game multiple times, add a x2 or whatever number is appropriate after the game’s name. We track attendance and post our plays on Board Game Geek. We don’t post your name anywhere, it just stays in our Guest Book for our own records.
  • Pick up after yourself. Don’t leave trash on the floor, bookcases, counter, etc. Put games back where you found them.

Game Night Statistics: Attendance and Games Played

Following are some statistics for past Game Night and Special Event gaming including: attendance, number of games played, and list of games played.

Date of Game Night
or Special Event
Number of
Players Attending
Number of
Games Played
Number of
Unique Titles Played
Games Played
June 1, 2019   view list
May 4, 2019252521view list
April 6, 2019202916view list
March 2, 2019172014view list
February 2, 2019212319view list
January 5, 2019202720view list
December 1, 2018212722view list
November 3, 2018222418view list
October 6, 2018172115view list
September 1, 2018 * Record Attendance28*3924view list
August 4, 2018232318view list
July 7, 2018221916view list
July 4, 2018
Celebrating 4th of July
121410view list
June 2, 2018212924view list
May 5, 2018152514view list
April 28, 2018
TableTop Day
264030view list
April 7, 2018203021view list
March 3, 2018 * Record # Games Played2639*31view list
February 3, 2018152216view list
January 13, 2018 * Record # Unique Titles Played
rescheduled due to snow/ice
223631*view list
December 16, 2017
Game Gift Exchange
222516view list
December 2, 2017
Grand Opening & first Game Night at new store
402823view list
October 7, 2017
Last Game Night at old store
543123view list
August 5, 2017
Board Game Auction
682017view list
July 15, 2017
7 Wonders: Duel Tournament
22 289view list
July 1, 2017473530view list
June 3, 2017473932view list
May 6, 2017363427view list
April 29, 2017
International TableTop Day
647453view list
April 1, 2017474533view list
March 4, 2017554933view list
February 4, 2017272521view list
January 7, 2017403429view list
December 3, 2016 ** Record # Unique Titles Played554037 **view list
November 5, 2016353229view list
October 29, 2016
Halloween Game Night
222515view list
October 1, 2016424932view list
September 3, 2016333324view list
August 6, 2016332420view list
July 2, 2016334034view list
June 4, 2016533630view list
May 7, 2016404231view list
April 30, 2016
International TableTop Day
434632view list
April 2, 2016343221view list
March 5, 2016233520view list
February 6, 2016473525view list
January 2, 2016333123view list
December 5, 2015433529view list
November 7, 2015283419view list
October 10, 2015313324view list
September 5, 2015332124view list
August 1, 2015354133view list
July 18, 2015201816view list
July 4, 2015191411view list
June 6, 2015412624view list
May 2, 2015364129view list
April 11, 2015
International TableTop Day
423528view list
April 4, 2015 # New play space added!333024view list
March 7, 2015333027view list
February 7, 2015292825view list
January 3, 2015303426view list
December 6, 2014353125view list
November 1, 2014433826view list
October 4, 2014393227view list
September 6, 2014554235view list
August 2, 2014 ** Record # Games Played5856**36view list
July 12, 2014352220view list
June 7, 2014453225view list
May 3, 2014393526view list
April 5, 2014 ** Record Attendance
International TableTop Day – Games started at 11am
62**5231view list
March 1, 2014252221view list
February 8, 2014443427view list
January 4, 2014251816view list
December 7, 2013362017view list
November 2, 2013263223view list
October 26, 2013
Costumed Game Night
17129view list
October 5, 2013393729view list
September 7, 2013383728view list
August 3, 2013372424view list
July 6, 2013414129view list
June 1, 2013262119view list
May 4, 2013293328view list
April 6, 201341.52427view list
March 30, 2013
International TableTop Day
212825view list
March 2, 2013231413view list
February 2, 2013302320view list
January 5, 2013242415view list
December 1, 2012272115view list
November 3, 2012221211view list
October 6, 2012283018view list
September 1, 2012262620view list
August 4, 2012323726view list
July 7, 2012353426view list
June 22, 2012
Summer Afternoon Games: Cooperative Games
533view list
June 14, 2012
Summer Afternoon Games: 3-D Games
843view list
June 2, 2012312919view list
May 5, 2012333924view list
April 7, 2012332319view list
March 3, 2012263220view list
February 4, 1012262418view list
January 7, 2012352120view list
December 3, 2011242719view list
November 5, 2011324525view list
October 1, 2011263518view list
September 3, 2011181913view list
August 25 , 2011
Card Night: Pinochle & Cribbage
13102view list
August 6, 2011111010view list
August 3 , 2011
Summer Afternoon Games: Anything Goes
1476view list
July 27, 2011
Summer Afternoon Games: Day of the Living Dead
1444view list
July 20, 2011
Summer Afternoon Games: The Lands of Catan & Carcassonne
14106view list
July 13, 2011 ** Record Summer Games Attendance!
Summer Afternoon Games: Lost in Space
20*137view list
July 6, 2011
Summer Afternoon Games: Cooperative Operative
1955view list
July 2, 2011192316view list
June 29, 2011
Summer Afternoon Games: Ancient History
564view list
June 22, 2011
Summer Afternoon Games: Roll the Dice
1166view list
June 15, 2011
Summer Afternoon Games: Anything Goes
1454view list
June 4, 2011312827view list
May 7, 2011292515view list
April 23, 2011
Charleston Area Gamers Game Day
161211view list
April 2, 2011191814view list
March 5, 2011282220view list
February 5, 2011262520view list
January 1, 2011323223view list
December 4, 2010192017view list
November 27, 2010
Charleston Area Gamers Game Day
101412view list
November 6, 2010251817view list
October 2, 2010212718view list
September 4, 2010292518view list
August 7, 2010
5-Year Anniversary Celebration – Prizes distributed to all attendees. We had cake, too!
314124view list
July 23, 2010
Summer Afternoon Games: Dungeon Delve
742view list
July 9, 2010
Summer Afternoon Games: Famer in the Dell
644view list
July 3, 2010342620view list
July 2, 2010
Summer Afternoon Games: Night of the Living Dead
1166view list
June 25, 2010
Summer Afternoon Games: Cooperative Operative
1387view list
June 18, 2010
Summer Afternoon Games: Flavors of Fluxx
152113view list
June 11, 2010
Summer Afternoon Games:
Train Game Junction
844view list
June 5, 2010182219view list
May 1, 2010333122view list
April 3, 2010271612view list
March 6, 2010171614view list
February 23, 2010
Steve Jackson Games visit
14135view list
February 6, 2010221413view list
January 2, 2010222316view list
December 5, 2009 2520view list
October 3, 2009 1615view list
September 5, 2009 1611view list
August 1, 2009 2016view list
July 4, 2009 1111view list
June 6, 2009 1917view list
Game Night has been a tradition since 2007. We just didn’t start keeping track of how many people attended, what games were played, etc. until 2009.
* Records set at new store on Travelers Blvd.
** Records set at old store on Ladson Road.
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