HBB&G News - October 2020

Issue 88 October 2020 HBB&G News



  • Virtual Game Auction, Saturday, November, 6pm
  • Virtual Gaming – Wednesdays 5 pm t o 8:30 or 9, Saturdays, 1pm to 7pm or later. Admission is FREE!
  • New Arrivals In Stock Now at HBB&G – Learn more about them: Chakra, Dino Dude Ranch, On the Origin of Species, The Godfather: Corlione’s Empire, Project: ELITE, Marvel Champions: The Card Game – The Once and Future Kang, Splendor Marvel, My City, Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox, Legends of Andor Part III: The Last Hope, 7 Wonders (Second Edition), Draftosaurus, Tiny Epic Dinosaurs, Sushi Roll, Nemesis, Tang Garden, Arkham Noir: Case 2 – Called Forth By Thunder, Targi: The Expansion.
  • Virtual Game Auction FAQ
  • New Arrivals, Back in Stock & Used Games for Sale
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