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Mongoose Publishing is a prolific British manufacturer of roleplaying games, miniatures, and card games, actively publishing material since 2001. Its licenses include products based on the popular science fiction properties Traveller, Judge Dredd, and Paranoia, as well as fantasy titles Conan the Barbarian and RuneQuest.

Mongoose Publishing grew out of the d20 System boom sparked by Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition, quickly achieving popularity and notoriety in equal measure by virtue of the sheer volume of its releases, and the early successes of its initial lines. Early product lines were aimed directly at supplementing the Dungeons & Dragons game. The first releases, the Slayer's Guides, concentrated on different monster types for the d20 system, while the subsequent Quintessential books, detailing specific character classes, went on to become one of the best selling D20 lines outside of Wizards of the Coast. The latter were to span three years and thirty-six different titles.

Later, as the company's fortunes solidified, Mongoose began an aggressive pursuit of licensed properties, acquiring the rights to the popular British comic series Sl?ine and Judge Dredd in 2002 and the landmark television series Babylon 5 in 2003.

Further acquisitions followed in 2004, including the rights to a roleplaying game based on Conan the Barbarian, the defunct roleplaying game Paranoia, and a joint venture with popular d20 System portal EN World, the EN World Gamer quarterly magazine. In 2007, Mongoose Publishing released roleplaying and miniatures games based on the Starship Troopers license and acquired the rights to RuneQuest and Traveller. In 2008 Mongoose announced that it was ceasing production and marketing of its miniatures ranges and would, for the time being, concentrate solely on the production of RPGs and miniatures rules.

In May 2011, Matthew Sprange announced that Mongoose Publishing and Issaries Inc had parted ways, meaning that Mongoose will cease to produce RuneQuest and Glorantha, though they retain the RuneQuest II core rule system which will become Wayfarer later in 2011.

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