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Keltis: Das Kartenspiel (Keltis: The Card Game)



Keltis: The Card Game is similar to Lost Cities, but works for 2 to 4 players instead of just 2.

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Keltis: The Card Game is based on Keltis the board game, which was based on Lost Cities: The Board Game, which was based on Lost Cities, the original 2-player card game that started it all.

While Keltis: The Card Game plays similarly to Lost Cities, it is not the same game. Keltis supports 2 to 4 players, allows players to build up or down in a column, adds wishing stones to the mix, and scores differently.

Like Lost Cities, players have a hand of cards from which they will play or discard one card each turn, then draw a new card from the draw pile or pick up one card from one of the five colored discard piles (if available).

Each of the five colors includes two end cards: these cards can be played on a column of the matching color at any time, after which no further number cards can be added to that column. The game ends when five end cards have been played or the deck has been exhausted.

Contents: 110 cards, rules (in German). An English translation of the rules will also be provided.


Number of Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 20 minutes
Suggested Ages 8 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics set collection, Lost Cities, Keltis
Designer Knizia, Reiner
Illustrator Claus Stephan and Martin Hoffman
Publisher Kosmos
Year Published 2009
Binding Box
Condition New


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Keltis: The Card Game reference cards. Print actual size, centered on cardstock.

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