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Gang of Four



Gang of Four: A highly addictive card game originating in the gambling backstreets of Hong Kong

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Filled with an endless variety of strategies and tactics, Gang of Four is fun, entertaining and full of surprises, yet is simple to learn and play. Originating in the gambling backstreets of Hong Kong, is a highly addictive card game for your family or friends.Gang of Four

From BoardGameGeek:
Gang of Four? is an exciting game of Cunning, Strategy and Power. The game's premise is simple - be the first to rid yourself of all your cards and ascend to supreme power. But beware - a strategic misstep may find you in a struggle to survive.

The term, Gang of Four, was first used to describe four powerful radicals in Communist China that rose to power during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) and dominated Chinese politics during the early 1970s. Led by Jiang Qing, a former actress and the power-hungry wife of Chairman Mao, the Gang of Four dominated political, economic and cultural life in China for years. One month after Mao's death, they were arrested and jailed, thus ending China's slide into radicalism.

The Gang of Four card game was first conceived during the upheaval of the Cultural Revolution. The game's inventor, Lee Yih, wanted to convey the mystery, intrigue and intense struggle for power that embodied not only China's recent political history - but also its past.
Like the political Gang of Four, the game embodies a never-ending battle for supremacy - where the weak perish and the strong dominate. Good players, like good politicians, must show cunning, flexibility and ruthlessness.

All the cards are dealt to the players. The player who was dealt the multi-colored '1' card starts the hand and must use this card on the first play. The players proceed taking turns clockwise and then counterclockwise on subsequent hands. On one's turn a player must play the same number of cards but a higher ranked set than the previous player. A player may play more cards if those cards are four or more of a kind. A round continues until all players pass because they can not or choose not to play cards. All cards played are discarded and the winner of the previous round leads. The hand continues until one player has used all the cards in one's hand. The other players are penalized points on an escalating scale according to the number of cards in their hands. The game is over when one player has scored one hundred and the player with the lowest score wins.


  • Super As d'or 1997 in Cannes (France)
  • Bronze Tric Trac 2003 Award (France)

Contents: 64 cards, rulebook, score pad, summary card.


Number of Players 3 to 4
Playing Time 40 minutes
Suggested Ages 8 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics card game, hand management, climbing games, shedding games
Designer Yih, Lee
Illustrator Franck Achard and Cyrille Daujean
Publisher Days of Wonder
Edition Second Edition
Year Published 2005
Binding Box
Condition New


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