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Cosmic Eidex is an intriguing trick-taking game playable only with three players.

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Cosmic Eidex is an intriguing little trick-taking game for 3 players. The deck consists of 36 cards, 6 thru Ace, in four suits: Hearts (red), Lizard (green), Raven (black) and Stars (yellow). The Cosmic characters are the heart of the game, providing each player with a special Cosmic power. Each player draws one randomly at game start.

In Cosmic Eidex, the idea is to take either the most points or the least points (designated by the trump and rank of the cards that you take each hand), to earn a victory point. If in a hand, one player exceeds 100 card points, then the other two players get 1 victory point. If one player takes all of the tricks, he receives 2 victory points. Seven victory points wins the game.

Cosmic Eidex is a mutation of the ages-old Swiss trick-taking card game Jass. Like Skat, the traditional German trick-taking card game, it is a three-player game.

Warning Earthlings: Cosmic Eidex takes some getting used to. The Cosmic characters featured in Cosmic Eidex shake up the game with their special abilities.

Contents: 36 cards, rules. ?Includes rules in English.

This game is imported from Germany. It is not widely available in the United States.


Number of Players 3
Playing Time 60 minutes
Suggested Ages 10 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics card game, trick
Designer Hostettler, Urs
Illustrator Res Brandenberger
Publisher AbacusSpiele
Year Published 1998
Binding Box
Condition New

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