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Builders: Middle Ages



The Builders: Middle Ages - To become the First Builder of the Kingdom, you'll have to combine good recruitment with wise choices of construction sites.

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The Builders: Middle Ages - Becoming the First Builder of the Kingdom is the dream of any foreman. To realize it, you'll have to combine good recruitment with wise choice of your construction sites, as the buildings you construct will earn your renown, but also the money needed to hire more competent workers, who themselves will be better able to build more prestigious monuments, such as a cathedral, the masterpiece of a lifetime!
In The Builders: Middle Ages, the cards represent buildings and workers. Players score victory points and gain money by completing the construction of buildings. While recruiting workers is free, putting a worker to work on a construction site costs money.?

Each building has four requirements (stone, wood, knowledge, and tile) rated between 0 and 5, and the workers have the corresponding skills valued in the same range. To complete a construction, the player must add enough workers to cover the four requirements of the building.

Each player starts the game with 10 ecu and an apprentice (each apprentice has a different set of skills). Five workers and five buildings are placed face-up on the table, with the others set aside in separate decks. On a turn, you can take three free actions, then pay 5 ecu for each additional action you want to take. The possible actions are:

  1. Start Construction - Take one of the five buildings, place it front of you, then draw a replacement from the deck to fill the empty space. You may construct as many buildings as you want at the same time (1 action each).
  2. Recruit a Worker - Take one of the five workers, place it front of you, then draw a replacement from the deck to fill the empty space. You may recruit as many workers as you wish (1 action each).
  3. Send a Worker to Work - Pay the cost of the worker (he won't work for free!), then place him on a building so that his skills line up with the requirements of the building. If you send a second worker to work on the same building in the same turn, it costs you two more actions, a third costs three more actions (total of six!), and so on. When you've sent enough workers to work on a building to meet its needs, the building is complete. You immediately earn the points and coins indicated, then flip the building over showing it's finished side. The workers return to your pool of available labor. Some completed buildings join your labor pool and can be used to help complete other buildings.?
  4. Take Coins - Forgo one, two or three actions to earn 1, 3 or 6 ecu. You need money to put workers to work. At the end of the game, you'll earn one victory point for every 10 coins you have leftover.

When one player reaches 17 points, players finish the round so that everyone has the same number of turns. Tally your points: each completed building card has a point value and each 10 ecu is worth 1 point. The player with the most points wins the game and is named First Builder of the Kingdom.


  • 2014 As d'Or - Jeu de l'Ann?e Nominee
  • 2014 As d'Or - Jeu de l'Ann?e Prix du Jury Winner

Contents: 42 Worker cards (63x88 mm), 42 Building cards (including 8 machines) (88x88 mm), 15 golden plastic coin tokens, 25 silver plastic coin tokens, and rules all stored in a neat little tin.


Number of Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 30 minutes
Suggested Ages 10 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics action point allowance system, card drafting, set collection, city building, medieval
Designer Henry, Frederic
Illustrator Sabrina Miramon
Publisher Asmodee Editions
Year Published 2013
Binding Tin
Condition New


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