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Horse Fair Card Game



Horse Fair Card Game, a reimplementation of Trendy, is a fun and fast card game that is easy to learn and will be enjoyed again and again.

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Horse Fair Card Game: As a judge at the Horse Fair, you can vote for the horse you like best, but it is best to vote for the horse that will win. Are you clever enough to pick the right horse?

Horse Fair Card Game, a reimplementation of Trendy, is a fun and fast card game that is easy to learn and will be enjoyed again and again.

Game Play:
In the Horse Fair Card Game, each turn, you lay a card face up on the table and draw a new card. A horse is judged a winner when the number of face-up cards for that horse, among all players, is equal to the number printed on the card. For example, if there are five 6s face-up and a sixth 6 is played, then Horse Number 6 is declared the winner.

All players collect the face-up cards of the winning horse that they've already played, and each keeps these cards in a face-down stack in front of them. All other face-up cards are discarded and removed from play. Additionally, the player that played the last 6 receives a horse figurine. Play continues with the next player clockwise playing a face-up card to begin a new round.

There are two special cards for each Horse in the deck:
* A Second Look card counts as two cards towards a win for that horse. So, for example, one 3 plus the Second Look card for the 3 is enough for 3 to win.
* A Thumbs Down! card means you don't like a horse and clears all of that horse's face up cards from the table.

If at some point a player collects four horse figurines, that player wins instantly and the game is over. Otherwise play continues. When the last card is drawn from the draw pile, players continue to play without drawing cards until the next horse wins. Players collect their winning cards as normal and a horse figurine is awarded. Players' hands are discarded.

All players score one point for each card they've collected and two points for each horse figurine. The player with the most points wins. Alternately, you can use Advanced Scoring: players score the face value of all cards they've collected, a Second Look card's value is not doubled, and horse figurines are worth one point each.

The Horse Fair Card Game rules also include variations for playing over several hands and in partnerships (4 or 6 players).

The Horse Fair Card Game deck is balanced: more 7-value cards than 6-value cards, etc.

Contents: 65 cards (1 Second Look and 1 Thumbs Down! each in numbers 3 thru 7; 7 Rascal 3s, 9 Dandy 4s, 11 Firecracker 5s, 13 Snowflake 6s, 15 Sundown 7s), 10 horse figurines, rules.


Number of Players 2 to 6
Playing Time 20 minutes
Suggested Ages 6 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics set collection, card game, voting, animals, horses
Designer Knizia, Reiner
Publisher R & R Games
Year Published 2007
Binding Box
Condition New

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