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    Risk: The Game of Global Domination....




Risk: The Game of Global Domination. Lead your troops. Take a risk. Rule the world. Choose from 3 exciting ways to play!

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Risk: The Game of Global Domination. Lead your troops. Take a risk. Rule the world.?

Enter a world of gutsy adventure - a world where every decision, every move, every battle is a nerve-tingling risk that will either reap rewards, or spell disaster.

Place your troops. Plot your strategy. Then let the quest for global domination begin. The challenge: defeat your foes, advance your troops and expand your territory. Where to attack. When to stop. Whether to form a temporary alliance... the decisions are all yours.

This world belongs to the bold and the daring. Can you take it on, and win?

Choose from 3 exciting ways to play:

1. Introductory game for beginners.

2. Classic game for veterans.

3. Two-player head-to-head game.

More About Risk

In this classic game of military strategy and world conquest, you and your armies will sweep across vast continents and launch daring attacks. But keep an eye on your flanks, because your enemies are fighting to claim your territories and capture your armies. Reinforce your armies with foot soldier, horseman and cannon cards, then attack by a throw of the dice. Now fortify your position and defend your borders from your opponents' attacks. Capture all 42 territories on the map - and conquer the world!

Contents: game board; 5 Armies with 40 Infantry, 12 Cavalry and 8 Artillery each; deck of 43 cards; 5 dice; 2 reference cards; rules.


Number of Players 2 to 5
Playing Time 2 to 3 hours
Suggested Ages 10 and up
Mechanics area control, area movement, dice rolling, partnerships, set collection, negotiation, territory building, wargame, Risk
Designer Lamorisse, Albert and Michael I. Levin
Publisher Hasbro
Year Published 2010
Binding Box
Condition New


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