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Die Verbotene Insel (Forbidden Island)



Die Verbotene Insel (Forbidden Island) - This German version includes 6 painted miniatures not available in the English version!

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Dare to discover Forbidden Island or, in German, die Verbotene Insel! Join a team of fearless adventurers on a do-or-die mission to capture four sacred treasures from the ruins of this perilous paradise. Your team will have to work together and make some pulse-pounding maneuvers, as the island will sink beneath every step! Race to collect the treasures and make a triumphant escape before you are swallowed into the watery abyss!

This German edition of Forbidden Island (Die Verbotene Insel) includes 6 painted figurines instead of the boring pawns in the English version. The island tile names, cards and rules are in German, but this shouldn't affect game play much, especially if you already know how to play!

Contents: 58 playing cards, 24 island tiles, 6 Painted Figurines, 4 treasure figurines, 1 water meter, 1 water level marker, rules of play.


Number of Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 30 minutes
Suggested Ages 10 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics cooperative play, adventure, TableTop
Designer Leacock, Matt
Illustrator C. B. Canga
Publisher Schmidt Spiele
Year Published 2010
Binding Box
Condition New

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