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Doctor Who Dalek Dice



Doctor Who Dalek Dice Roll the Dice! EXTERMINATE!

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Doctor Who Dalek Dice Roll the Dice! EXTERMINATE!

You are a Dalek invading the Earth. INVADE! INVADE! Nothing can stand in your way, not even the humans. EXTERMINATE THE HUMANS! Just make sure you exterminate more humans than your fellow Daleks do to win the game! But watch out for the Doctor, as he has a way of foiling your plans.

Contents: 10 Dalek Dice, Dice Cup and a set of instructions.


Number of Players 2+
Playing Time 10 to 20 minutes
Suggested Ages 13 and up
Mechanics dice rolling, TV theme, dice, party game, science fiction
Designer Maggi, Marco and Francesco Nepitello
Publisher Cubicle 7
Year Published 2016
Binding Blister Pack
Condition New

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