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Dixit Odyssey Expansion Pack



The Dixit Odyssey Expansion provides 84 additional image cards for Dixit.

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Dixit? is an exciting game of storytelling through imagination and clues. The 84 artistically designed cards in this Dixit Odyssey Expansion Pack tell a different story for every individual and put creativity to the test!

Discover fun variations of the classic multi-award winning party game Dixit with this 84-card expansion pack. Get caught up in the Dixit spell and be transported on a new voyage of discovery! Dixit.. a surprising, exciting and evocative game to be enjoyed with friends and family alike.

Dixit Odyssey Expansion Pack is an expansion for Jean-Louis Roubira's Dixit, which won Germany's Spiel des Jahres award in 2010. A copy of Dixit or Dixit Journey base game is necessary to play. The Dixit Odyssey Expansion Pack can be combined with the Dixit 2 expansion (aka Dixit Quest) for even more exciting storytelling options.

Dixit Odyssey Expansion Pack contains 84 new cards, each with a unique image drawn by Pier? and colored by Marie Cardouat, artist of Dixit and Dixit 2 (Dixit Quest).

Dixit Game Play
Each turn one player is the storyteller. This player secretly chooses one card in his hand, then gives a word or sentence to describe this card ? but not too obviously. Each other player chooses a card in hand that matches this word/sentence and gives it to the storyteller. The storyteller then lays out the cards, and all other players vote on which card belongs to the storyteller. If no one or everyone guesses the storyteller's card, the storyteller receives no points and all players receive two; otherwise the storyteller and the correct guesser(s) each receive three points. Players score one point for each vote their image receives. Players refill their hands, and the next player becomes the storyteller. When the deck runs out, the player with the most points wins.

Dixit Awards:

  • 2009 As d'Or - Jeu de l'Ann?e Winner
  • 2009 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation Nominee
  • 2009 Golden Geek Best Children's Board Game Nominee
  • 2009 Golden Geek Best Innovative Board Game Nominee
  • 2009 Golden Geek Best Party Board Game Nominee
  • 2009 Juego del A?o Winner
  • 2009 Lys Grand Public Winner
  • 2009 Tric Trac de Bronze
  • 2010 Games Magazine Best New Party Game Winner
  • 2010 Hra roku Winner
  • 2010 Lucca Games Best Family Game
  • 2010 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Nominee
  • 2010 Spiel der Spiele Hit f?r Familien Recommended
  • 2010 Spiel Des Jahres Winner
  • 2010 Vuoden Peli Family Game of the Year Winner
  • 2011 Guldbrikken Best Family Game Nominee
  • 2011 Japan Boardgame Prize Voters' Selection Nominee
  • 2011 Ludoteca Ideale Official Selection Winner

Contents: 84 image cards.


Number of Players 3 to 12
Playing Time 30 minutes
Suggested Ages 8 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics party game, simultaneous action selection, voting, art, expansion, Dixit
Designer Roubira, Jean-Louis
Illustrator Marie Cardouat and Piero
Publisher Asmodee Editions
Year Published 2013
Binding Box
Condition New


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