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Alhambra: The best master builders in the whole of Europe and Arabia demonstrate their skill.

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Alhambra: The best master builders in the whole of Europe and Arabia demonstrate their skill. Make sure you always have enough of the right currency and compete against your components to build the Alhambra.

Granada, 1278. At the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, one of the most exciting and interesting projects of the Spanish Middle Ages begins: the construction of the Alhambra. The best master builders in the whole of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skill. In Alhambra, you're one of those builders. You're goal is to acquirie buildings to build out your Alhambra complex from lovely central fountain.

On your turn, you may take money from the open money market, purchase a building from the building market, or engage in construction or re-construction projects with previously acquired buildings that have been placed in your reserve. Alhambra rewards efficiency: when you purchase a building from the market for the exact amount of money, you get to take another turn.

There are two scoring rounds during the game and one at the end. Players with the most buildings in each of the six building types score points. Points are also awarded for each player's longest wall around their complex. The game ends when the building market can no longer be replenished from the building tile supply. After the final scoring, the player with the highest score wins.

Awards and Nominations:

  • Hra Roku (Czech Republic)
  • 2008 Japan Game of the Year
  • 2005 Juego del ano (Spain), Game of the Year
  • 2005 Vuoden Aikuistenpeli (Finland) Winner, Adult Game of the Year
  • 2005 Arets Familiespill (Norway), Winner, Family Game of the Year
  • 2005 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Nominee
  • 2003 Golden Ace, (France) Winner, Game of the Year
  • 2003 Spiel des Jahres Winner
  • 2003 International Gamers Award Best Strategy Game Nominee

Contents: 6 start tiles (fountains), 54 building tiles, 110 playing cards, 6 reserve boards with Point Tables, 12 counters (2 each in 6 player colors), 1 building market board, 1 scoring board, 1 bag, 1 set of rules.

Watch Alhambra played in TableTop Episode #17


Number of Players 2 to 6
Playing Time 45 to 60 minutes
Suggested Ages 8 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics city building, tile placement, card drafting, hand management, set collection, Alhambra, TableTop
Designer Henn, Dirk
Illustrator Christof Tisch, Jorg Asselborn, Jo Hartwig
Publisher Queen Games
Year Published 2015
Binding Box
Condition New


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