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Kill Doctor Lucky (revised version)



Kill Doctor Lucky: the family board game of murder in the dark. Includes 3 variants.

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Welcome to J. Robert Lucky Mansion, a sprawling country estate full of unusual weapons, good hiding places, and craven killers. Killers like you.

The object? Kill Doctor Lucky. Find a weapon, track the old man down, and take him out.

The obstacles? For one thing, all of your friends would rather do it first. For another, Doctor Lucky is aptly named. He's got an uncanny knack for dodging your best traps.

But his luck runs out tonight. Before the night is over, someone is going to Kill Doctor Lucky. Wouldn't you rather it were you?

Contents: full-color game board, deck of 96 cards, rule book, 30 sprite tokens, pawns and stands for seven players, Doctor Lucky, and his little dog, too.

While this version of Kill Doctor Lucky includes the rules and a cardboard token from Kill Doctor Lucky and his little dog, too!, it does not include the little wooden dog token. If you want the little dog token made of wood, you'll need to purchase the expansion: Kill Doctor Lucky and his little dog, too.


Number of Players 3 to 7
Playing Time 40 minutes
Suggested Ages 10 and up
Mechanics murder, mystery, hand management, point to point movement, thematic games, Kill Doctor Lucky
Designer Ernest, James
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Condition New


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