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Robo Rally 2016 (Reboot)



Robo Rally: A frenzied race filed with computer-driven chaos! It takes speed, wits, & dirty tricks to become a racing legend!

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Robo Rally: A frenzied race filed with computer-driven chaos! It takes speed, wits, & dirty tricks to become a racing legend!

The robots of the Robo Rally automobile factory spend their weekdays toiling at the assembly line. They put in hard hours building high-speed supercars they never get to see in action. But on Saturday nights, the factory becomes a world of mad machines and dangerous schemes as these robots engage in their own epic race.

As soon as the factory closes for the weekend, the robots turn it into a frantic race course. They turn up the conveyor belts to high speed, open the floor pits, and remove all safety guards from the welding lasers.

The greatest joy for these robots is to be the victor in this fantastic race.

Game Play

  • Choose a robot, and direct its moves by playing cards. Then watch chaos ensue as all players reveal the cards they've chosen.
  • Upgrade your robot, and shoot or push past rival robots.
  • Dodge the lasers, avoid the pits, and try to use those conveyor belts to your advantage!
  • Get your robot to the checkpoints to win.

Differences from Earlier Version:

The 2016 edition of Robo Rally differs from earlier versions in a number of ways:

  • Players each now have their own deck of twenty cards, with the same cards in each deck.
  • On a turn, a player draws nine cards from their deck, programs five of the cards, then discards the rest.
  • Two cards says "Again" and repeat the action programmed in the previous slot.
  • One card says "Energy" and gives a energy cube which you can use to buy options.
  • Since each player has their own deck, the cards no longer have priority numbers to determine who moves first. Now movement order is determined by whoever is closest to a transmitter on the game board.
  • Players start with a hand of three option cards and five energy. Each option card has an energy cost, and you can purchase additional option cards for the cost of two energy each. Players can earn energy by programming it, by being the first to a pitstop, or by starting their turn on a pitstop.
  • When players are damaged, they no longer receive one less card for each damage (or have one of their program registers locked) at the start of a round; instead they receive damage cards that will be shuffled into their decks. "Normal" damage from the board or a robot laser gives you "spam" damage. When you program one of these cards, you remove it from play at the appropriate time and replace it in the register with the top card from your deck. Surprise! Other types of damage exist, with a Trojan horse granting you two spam, a virus infecting nearby players, and a worm forcing you to reboot, which gives you even more damage. By playing the damage, though, you remove it from your deck.

Contents: 6 double-sided game boards, 1 double-sided start board, 6 robot figures, 6 reboot tokens, 36 checkpoint tokens, 1 plastic priority antenna, 6 checkpoints, 48 plastic energy cubes, 30-second sand timer, 6 robot player mats, 40 upgrade cards, 6 20-card programming decks, 6 special programming cards, 74 damage cards, 1 Vac Tray, 1 Label sheet, 1 Game Guide


Number of Players 2 to 6
Playing Time 30+ minutes
Suggested Ages 12 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics simultaneous action selection, racing, science fiction
Designer Garfield, Richard
Publisher Hasbro
Year Published 2016
Binding Box
Condition New

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