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Play on a Medieval Tapestry.

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From the Publisher:?In the year 1338 the Siena?s Town Council charged the famous artist Ambrogio Lorenzetti to paint a fresco showing the town and its commerce. You will play the game above the painting that he made. You will start as Peasants, sowing the ground and selling your crop along the Via Francigena. If you save enough florins you will be able to become a Merchant, trading in cloth and spices throughout Tuscany. But your dream is bigger: to enter the Council of the Nine, the town?s government. Therefore you will have to aspire to be a Banker and use your money to obtain the Senesi?s consent: will you finance the artists of that time or contribute towards the construction of the new Torre del Mangia? Be careful, the florins that you have saved could not be enough! Behind every corner of the town other players? pitfalls hide themselves: beggars, thieves, pretty women inside the inn... Be prepared for a unique game experience.


Number of Players 2 to 5
Playing Time 120 minutes
Suggested Ages 12 and up
Mechanics economic
Designer Papini, Morio
Illustrator Ombretta Bernardi
Condition New

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