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Cutthroat Caverns (Edition 2.0)



Trust no one in Cutthroat Caverns!

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Genre-bending. Dice-less. The totally immersive feel of an RPG in a simple, elegant card game.

A perfect balance of cooperative gameplay and back-stabbing goodness.

An artifact of untold power lies in your hands. To claim it, you must escape the caverns alive. No less than nine horrific beasts stand in your way ? that, and the greed of the other players.

In this game of kill-stealing, you decide whether to swing for a whopping 50 points of damage ? or hold back, awaiting a more opportune time to strike. Only the final blow matters if you are to score the kill. Hold back or sabotage other?s plans too much ? and the entire party will die, without a winner.


From BoardGameGeek:

'Without teamwork, you will never survive. Without betrayal, you?ll never win.'

Cutthroat Caverns is played over 9 rounds, each with a random encounter. Essentially a game of 'kill stealing'. Each round, any monster encountered will have a prestige value of 1 through 6. The player that successfully jockeys for position and lands the killing blow gets the prestige value for the encounter. Some encounters will not have a specific monster, such as a trap room for the heroes to pass through (and in this case, earning no prestige). The surviving player with the most prestige after the 9 encounters is the winner. If the players do not survive all 9 encounters, no one wins the game.

A unique combination of cooperative game play and opportunistic backstabbing.


Contents: 94 Action/Attack/Item Cards, 25 Oversized Encounter Cards, 1 Token Sheet, 6 Initiative Cards, 1 Monster Life Tracker, 6 Character Cards (to track your health), 8 Glass Beads (2 Yellow, 6 Green)


Number of Players 3 to 6
Playing Time 90 minutes
Suggested Ages 14 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics hand management, role playing, simultaneous action selection, adventure, card game, fantasy, fighting, humor, Cutthroat Caverns
Designer Covert, Curt
Illustrator Covert
Publisher Smirk & Dagger Games
Edition Second Edition
Year Published 2007
Binding Box
Condition New


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