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Vegas Showdown



Vegas Showdown- Compete with your millionaire friends to see who can build the most famous hotel/casino in this high-stakes bidding game.

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Vegas Showdown - Coming Soon: The Hottest Hotel/Casinos to Ever Hit the Strip!

You and a few of your millionaire friends have invested in a plot of land in the heart of Las Vegas. Each of you has one year to plan and build a luxury hotel/casino on the site. Just to make things interesting, you've put a little wager on you venture - when the doors open, the builder of the most famous hotel/casino wins ownership of the entire block!

Resources are limited, so you'll have to outbid each other to get the best contractors to work on your project. With the right combination of restaurants, lounges, gaming rooms, and other attractions - along with some well-timed publicity - the jewel of the Entertainment Capital of the World will be yours.

In Vegas Showdown, players compete to build the most famous hotel/casino. Room tiles representing slot machines, lounges, restaurants, and other casino-related places appear on a central board and the players bid to win the rights to have those rooms in their building, garnering them income, population, and/or fame. Bidding wars escalate, values fluctuate, and designers renovate until finally the hotel/casinos are put to the test to determine whose hotel/casino garnered the most fame.

Contents: 5 Hotel-Casino sheets, 2 Building Prerequisites charts, 31 markers, 80 money chips, 63 room tiles, 33 cards, 1 game board, 1 rulebook.

Differences between Vegas Showdown's 1st and 2nd Editions:

Both editions have the same contents in terms of number and types of elements. The main variation has to do with what the components are made of:

1st Edition (red box):

  • Player mats are a glossy, durable, paper-like material.

2nd Edition (glitzy shiny box):??

  • Player mats are made of cardstock/thin cardboard.??
  • Cards have a linen-like texture.??
  • Room tiles are thinner than in 1st Edition.


Number of Players 3 to 5
Playing Time 75 minutes
Suggested Ages 12 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics auction, bidding, network building, tile placement, economic
Designer Stern, Henry
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Year Published 2012
Binding Box
Condition New


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