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    Valdora: a unique transportation game...




Valdora: a unique transportation game with many ways to victory. Will your strategy be mor lucrative than your opponents'? The board and bits are a treat!

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Hidden far away from our time lies a valley of unimaginable riches. Drawn by the lure of gold, silver, and precious jewels, adventurers from all over the world soon find their way there. While some of them still carefully choose commissions and provisions, others quickly rush off to bring valuable gems back to their patrons. But those who wish for fame and fortune will have to be cleverer than their opponents!

Valdora is a unique transportation game with route/action optimization and some elements of set collection. There are serveral ways to score points (Commissions, Craftsmen, Workshops). Will the strategy you choose be more lucrative than your opponents'.? The board and bits are stellar: the gems are a treat, the artwork is lovely, and the wooden book holders really stand out and make Valdora look especially sharp.

A fun, strategy family game.


  • Best Family Strategy Game, GAMES Magazine, 2011
  • Game by Game 2011, Recommendation
  • Game by Game 2010, Recommendation
  • 2009 Spiel des Jahres Recommended
  • Best Family Game 2009 Magazynu S'wiat Gier Planszowych
  • ?rets spel 2009 Sweden, Nominee
  • Gameflash Nuremberg 2009
  • Pfefferkuchel 2009, 2nd place

Valdora is Part Two of Michael Schacht's The Gold Trilogy, which includes The Golden City and Felinia. The three games of The Gold Trilogy are linked by a thematical gameworld in which they take place: a kingdom (Felinia), a valley (Valdora) and a city (The Golden City). Other links are: gold (of course!) which has a more or less important role in each game and other aspects like the provisions in Valdora and Felinia which are part of the movement systems.

Contents: 1 game board, 78 gemstones, 4 books, 111 cards, 1 craftsman board, 59 tiles, 30 coins, 5 pawns, 1 bag, rules. Includes rules in English, German, French and Italian.

Note: this game is imported from Germany. It is not widely available in the United States.


Number of Players 3 to 5
Playing Time 60 minutes
Suggested Ages 10 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics pick
Designer Schacht, Michael
Illustrator Franz Vohwinkel
Publisher AbacusSpiele
Year Published 2009
Binding Box
Condition New


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