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Bloom (aka La Bonne Soupe)



In Bloom - Players are gardeners aiming to sell charming and richly coloured bouquets.

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In Bloom - Players are gardeners aiming to sell charming and richly coloured bouquets.

Each season, gardeners want to pick flowers and present beautiful, multi-colored bouquets for sale. The problem is that each gardener has planted only a few different types of blooms. So, to make those beautiful, multi-flower bouquets the gardener will have to perform a little less-than-beautiful larceny from the other growers. Borrowing from other growers isn't always easy: they may have animals protecting their fields.

Of course, the more diverse the bouquet, the more it's worth, so be sure to keep watch over your own fields, too, or else you'll be picked clean!

Bloom is a tactical family game the whole family can enjoy.

Under the name La Bonne Soupe, this game was one of the winners of the 2006 Concours International de Créateurs de Jeux de Société, a game design contest held annually, but for publication the theme was changed from soup to flowers -- which seems appropriate considering the history of tulip madness in the Netherlands.

From BoardGameGeek:
In Bloom, gardeners strive to gather various flowers to make beautiful bouquets. The challenge is that each gardener can only afford the space to plant one type of flower. Of course, a gardener could just take what he needs from his neighbors' flowers. Naturally, that means that he must jealously guard his own fields, as well. Each gardener has an animal, and the two of them defend their garden's fields from unwelcome harvests.

Each player has nine field tiles, each three parcels by three parcels in size. Each parcel can be cultivated with its matching flower, or simply plowed instead. Players harvest flowers by covering them on theirs or others parcels with their own field tiles, which are placed partially overlapping the existing field tiles.

2006 Concours International de Créateurs de Jeux de Société (as La Bonne Soupe).

Contents: 15 pawns, 5 gardeners, 5 animals, 5 ornaments, 45 cards (9 in each color), 75 flower tokens, 70 coins, rules in English, German, French and Dutch.

Note: This game is out-of-print and imported. It is not widely available.


Number of Players 2 to 5
Playing Time 45 minutes
Suggested Ages 10 and up
Mechanics set collection, tile placement, farming, flowers
Designer Escoffier, Laurent and David Franck
Illustrator Alexandre Roche
Publisher QWG Games
Year Published 2008
Binding Box
Condition New

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