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Formula D



Formula D: The action-packed game of Formula 1 and road races!

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Formula D transports you into the turbulent world of Formula 1: Don't lose control of the engine in the last bottleneck, master the chicane, stick to your opponent's back wheels, take advantage of the slip stream and then coolly overtake him... A Formula 1 driver has to be willing to take risks and be able to plan ahead... at least if you want to get to the very top of the winner's podium.

Formula D also means the suspense of illegal racing on the streets of the big cities. Anything goes: customized cars, nitro fuel injection, skidding in roundabouts, unfair tricks. The game principles always stay the same, but different cars, rules and circuits come into play.

This new edition of Formula D contains material which has not been previously published, including painted cars, dashboards, driver profiles, circuits ? And simple playing instructions are enclosed, allowing you to start play immediately. Off you go!


  • Simple rules for easy playing!
  • 20 carefully modelled, painted Formula ! cars and road racing cars.
  • A realistic dashboard allows you to always keep your eyes on your car and the gear stick, and really gives you the feeling of being a racing driver!
  • A great game board with the circuit of Monaco (front) and a road race circuit (back).


  • 2011 Best Party Game
  • 2009 Dice Tower Gaming Awards, Best Family Game, Winner
  • 2009 Dice Tower Gaming Awards, Best Reprint, Winner
  • 2009 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation Nominee
  • 2009 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee
  • 2009 Golden Geek Best Party Board Game Nominee
  • 2009 JoTa Best Family Board Game Nominee
  • 2009 Ludoteca Ideale Official Selection Winner
  • 2008 Lucca Games Best Family Game

2 game boards with updated Formula 1 circuit of Monaco and a road race curcuit
20 painted cars
70 plastic parts (marker and gear sticks)
2 set of playing instructions (1 8 pages, 1 16 pages)
score boards (to mark damage, reversible dashboards, score cards)
7 special dice
10 dashboards for the players


Watch Formula D played in TableTop Season 2 Episode #1.


Number of Players 2 to 10
Playing Time 60 minutes
Suggested Ages 14 and up
Mechanics dice rolling, partnerships, press your luck, roll and move, simulation, racing, real
Designer Lavaur, Laurent and Eric Randall
Illustrator Nicolas Caniaux
Publisher Asmodee Editions
Year Published 2011
Binding Box
Condition New

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