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In the Hall of the Mountain King



In the Hall of the Mountain King. Territory denial. Cascading production. Magic & muscle. An innovative game for 2-5 trolls that is easy to learn and hides rich depths.

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In the Hall of the Mountain King. Territory denial. Cascading production. Magic & muscle. An innovative game for 2-5 trolls that is easy to learn and hides rich depths.

The war was generations ago. Driven from our ancestral home beneath the mountain, we have been scratching out survival in the cold and the dirt. But now something has happened; we feel it in our bones. Without the soul of our people to sustain it, the mountain has collapsed, taking our revenge for us. Our enemies have fled, and the rubble of our ancient halls calls out for we trolls to come home. By claw and by hammer we will return to our home and our home will return to us! 

Play as trolls rebuilding your abandoned kingdom under the mountain in In the Hall of the Mountain King. With muscle and magic, you'll unearth riches, dig out collapsed tunnels, and carve out great halls as you raise the toppled statues of your ancestors to their places of honor at the heart of the mountain.

Gameplay is driven by the innovative cascading production system. Timing and tactics are key as you work to restore your home to its former glory and win the crown!

Game Play

Working on the same game board with the other players (but beginning at your own entrance), you'll dig a competing network of tunnels by spending increasingly valuable materials to lay polyomino tiles onto the map. You want to extend your tunnels to connect with buried gold and materials, with workshop locations that can transform resources, and especially with toppled statues. Statues are key to scoring, and you'll spend carts to move them through the tunnels to prime scoring locations near the heart of the mountain.

A major aspect of In the Hall of the Mountain King is the cascading production. You begin with a line of four trolls, and every troll shows a combination of resources — gold, stone, iron, marble, carts, runes, and hammers — that it produces. When a new troll is hired, place it above two other trolls, forming a pyramid. The new troll activates, gaining its resources, and any trolls beneath it ALSO activate, gaining any resources that they have room to carry. In this way as you hire more trolls, you gain bigger and bigger windfalls of resources as the end of the game nears. The timing of your hiring turns versus your building turns is important as you try to maximize your cascades while making sure you get the trolls you want from the shared market and also stay competitive on the map.

The game ends shortly after the last player hires his sixth troll, then the player with the most honor (earned for digging tunnels of increasing quality, for excavating great halls, and for moving statues closer to the heart of the mountain, especially onto matching pedestals) is crowned the Mountain King and wins!

Contents: 1 Double-sided game board, 5 player mats, 55 troll cards, 30 starter troll cards, 17 spell cards, 2 team storage cards, 52 tunnel tiles, 6 great hall tiles, 5 gate tiles, 1 start token, 22 workshop tiles, 2 coronation tiles, 35 coin tokens, 15 pedestal point tiles, 100 mineral cubes, 21 wooden statues, 18 wooden pedestals, 20 wooden hammers, 45 wooden carts, 25 plastic runes, 5 wooden score markers, 1 draw bag, 1 detailed rule book


Number of Players2 to 5
Playing Time90 minutes
Suggested Ages12 and up
Mechanicsnetwork building, pick-up and deliver, tile placement, fantasy, territory building, In the Hall of the Mountain King
DesignerCormier, Jay and Graeme Jahns
IllustratorKwanchai Moriya
PublisherBurnt Island Games
Year Published2020

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