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Gloom: Unhappy Homes (Second Edition expansion)



Gloom: Unhappy Homes (Second Edition) adds 55 cards including new morbid Modifiers, Events and Untimely Deaths

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In the Gloom card game, you make your eccentric family of misfits suffer the greatest tragedies possible before helping them pass on to the well-deserved respite of death.

Unhappy Homes adds 55 transparent cards to your game, including morbid new Modifiers, Events and Untimely Deaths, and another family - the artistes of Le Canard Noir, whose creative endeavors always end in disaster. Also inside are 2 new card types: Residence and Mysteries.

When art lets you down, the Black Duck is there for you. This dingy cafe is home to a motley assortment of washed-up bohemians. Here the tormented painter Rosseau buys drinks for neurotic models and destitute poets, while a troubled actress and sickly courtesan compare notes across the way.

NEW RULES: Also included are five Residences with a light blue background behind their central illustration. These are each placed next to their related family at the start of the game.

New cards called Mysteries, which have a dark blue effects bar at the bottom, are also shuffled into the deck before play. A Mystery is the only card that can be placed on a Residence (and only a Residence), and can be placed on any Residence as either of your two plays. It gives that Residence's player a special effect and Pathos points that count toward his final Family Value. A Mystery remains even if the requirements for playing it are lost. You may discard a Mystery from your hand as a free play.

Note: Gloom: Unhappy Homes is an expansion for Gloom. A copy of the base game is necessary to play. Each of the three expansions for Gloom adds one more player, thus with all three expansions, up to seven players can play Gloom!

What's New in Gloom Second Edition:

  • Backwards compatibility is completely maintained between editions. You can use 2nd Edition expansions with your original edition core game, and vice versa.
  • The 2nd Edition core game has a sturdy new telescoping box, while 2nd Edition expansions have double-width tuckboxes.
  • Timing icons in the style of?Cthulhu Gloom?and?Unquiet Dead?are incorporated throughout the 2nd Edition.
  • Rules cards and icon reminder cards are included in each?2nd Edition?set for easy reference.
  • The card list, and the effect texts of individual cards, have been polished for a better play experience. For example, complex cards like 'Body Thief,' and cards with delayed effects, have been removed.
  • Three Modifiers have been turned into Transformations in?Unwelcome Guests 2nd Edition.
  • Residences and Mysteries have been reworked in the?2nd Edition?so that you can no longer end up with unusable cards in your hand.
  • All the Story icons and a few family icons in the?2nd Edition?have been redrawn by artist Todd Remick.
  • Gloom 2nd Edition?uses the discard rule from?Cthulhu Gloom.
  • Horror icons have been removed from the?2nd Edition, to save them for?Cthulhu Gloom.
  • Death cards in the?2nd Edition?have a central art piece, as?Cthulhu Gloom?does, as well as a blank Story icon at top right. Characters no longer flip upon death.
  • Event cards in the?2nd Edition?have a center illustration and a blank icon in the top right spot, to give them the same silhouette as a Death card.
  • Guests in the?2nd Edition?have reminder text in the family icon spot, as?Cthulhu Gloom?does.
  • 'Pathos Points' are now called 'Self-Worth Points,' to avoid unnecessary proliferation of game terms.
  • A number of mechanical changes have been made in the rule sheet. For example, timing icons, symbols on Event cards, and the new discard rule have been accounted for.


  • 2006 Games 100 Family Card Game Nominee
  • 2005 Origins Awards Winner, Traditional Card Game of the Year

Contents: one 55-card deck. Rules are provided on the back of the box.


Number of Players 2 to 5
Playing Time 60 minutes
Suggested Ages 13 and up
Mechanics card game, hand management, humor, storytelling, expansion, Gloom
Designer Baker, Keith
Illustrator Scott Reeves & Lee Moyer
Publisher Atlas Games
Year Published 2014
Binding Box
Condition New


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