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GURPS Space 3rd edition revised



Roleplaying in the World of Tomorrow

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GURPS Space is the star-spanning sourcebook for GURPS - now revised and expanded for its third edition. In the 160 pages of GURPS Space, you'll find:

- Scientifically accurate and up-to-date rules for creating star systems and planets...either randomly or to fit a specific campaign.
- Detailed guidelines for creating futuristic and alien governments and societies.
- An informed look at the technologies of tomorrow: what will be, what might be, and beyond!
- Character-creation resources for space campaigns, featuring 24 character types, three variant human races, and four alien races.
- A full science-fiction equipment list, including weapons, gadgets, and medical technology.
- Realistic treatments of the dangers of noxious atmospheres, crushing gravity, vacuum, radiation, and other hazards of space travel and exploration.
- A self-contained, GURPS Vehicles-compatible starship construction system, covering TL8 (just around the corner) to TL13+ (superscience).
- Complete ship combat rules - no ship counters, just roleplaying - for playing out ship-to-ship battles.

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