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6 nimmt! Junior



6 nimmt! Junior: a classic card game you can learn in minutes made especially for kids!

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6 nimmt! Junior: a classic card game you can learn in minutes made especially for kids!

The sun shines over the small animal farm, but rain clouds are already visible. The players help the big and small animals to find shelter in the barn. The player who gets six different animals in a stall, takes those those animal cards as her own. The winner is the player who has collected the most animals.

This is a version of 6 nimmt! designed specifically for kids. The cards feature barnyard animals instead of numbers.

How to Play:
Place the four stall cards in a column on the table. Each stall acts as the beginning of a series. The animal cards are shuffled and placed face down as a draw pile in front of the stall cards.
Shuffle the animal cards and place them face down as a draw pile near the stall cards.
The first player, draws the top card and places it into one of the four stall rows according to the following rules:

  • An animal must be added to a stall that does not already have that type of animal.
  • A card with more than one animal on it must be placed in a row that doesn't already have at least one of the animals on the card. A multi-animal card counts only as one animal.
  • The card must be placed at the end of the row.
  • If the animal on the card is already present in all four stall rows, then the player may place the card at the end of any row.

Play proceeds in the same way for the next player's turn.
Whenever a player places the sixth animal in a stall, she takes all the animals in the stall (leaving the stall card in place) as her own, placing them in a pile in front of her.
The game ends when the last card in the draw pile is played to a row. The player with the most animal cards wins.

Two more variations of play are provided in the rules.

Contents: 56 cards, rules. An English translation of the rules will also be provided.

Note: This game is imported from Germany. It is not widely available in the United States.


Number of Players 2 to 5
Playing Time 20 minutes
Suggested Ages 5 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics card game, kids game, animals, imported
Designer Kramer, Wolfgang
Illustrator Barbara Spelger
Publisher Amigo Spiele
Year Published 2009
Binding Box
Condition New

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