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Munchkin Apocalypse



Munchkin Apocalypse: It's the end of the world! Features 4 new classes, a new card type - Disasters - and a new way to end it all! Er, the game, that is.

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In Munchkin Apocalypse, every possible natural (and unnatural) disaster has happened . . . or will happen during the game. You are a rugged survivor in a world full of people ? and things ? that want to kill you and take your stuff. So do it to them first!

Munchkin Apocalypse introduces four new classes and a new, yet eerily familiar, card type: Disasters!?

And what's with all these seals running around? Don't they know the world's about to end? You should really keep an eye on that seventh one in particular . . . because in Munchkin Apocalypse there's a new way to end the game: you can reach Level 10, like always in Munchkin... or you can open Seven Seals!

Munchkin Apocalypse also features a guest Monster from Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop, Bearmageddon).

Munchkin Apocalypse is a stand-alone game, but it can - of course - be combined with other Munchkin games.

Contents: 168 cards with full-color art, 12 square Seal cards, rules and a unique 6-sided die.


Number of Players 3 to 6
Playing Time 1 to 2 hours
Suggested Ages 10 and up
Mechanics dice rolling, trading, variable player powers, fighting, humor, horror, Munchkin
Designer Jackson, Steve
Illustrator John Kovalic
Publisher Steve Jackson Games
Year Published 2012
Binding Box
Condition New


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