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Quest of the Ancients



Quest of the Ancients role playing game

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Quest of the Ancients role playing game

Adventure awaits! Within the pages of this tome will be found everything you need to open a new door into fantasy role-playing adventure QA features:
8 Fighter Professions
5 Trickster Professions
5 Spellcaster Profession: over 250 spells

Magic items: over 50 unique potions, weapons, and more

Spells: over 500 to choose from

Monsters: an assortment of animals, demons, undead, & other dungeons denizens.

Campaign Background: An overview of the world of Islay.

Game rules: features optional combat systems for D20, D30, or D100


Mechanicsroleplaying, dice, fantasy
DesignerVince Garcia
AuthorVince Garcia
IllustratorDan Cabuco, Jeremy Campbell, Dan Frazier, Leigh Kellogg, Bill Mercer
PublisherUnicorn Game Publications
Year Published1992

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