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Bring Your Own Book



Bring Your Own Book - The game of borrowed phrases. Your old favorite book is now your new favorite game!

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Bring Your Own Book - The game of borrowed phrases. Your old favorite book is now your new favorite game!

Draw a category card, grab a book, and then quickly skim to satisfy the chosen prompt (and the judge!) with the most entertaining phrase. Can you find "a ridiculous tabloid headline" in that best-selling novel? How about "dating advice" in your well-worn cookbook?

Since you can use any book, you can play with any group and find limitless potential on every page! Where will you discover "the title to the next hit party game?" Find out when you play Bring Your Own Book!

Game Play

Players grab a book sit in a circle. The start player, aka Picker, takes the top card off the deck, picks a prompt, and reads it aloud. All players except the Picker search their book for text to match the prompt. It could be a single word, half of a sentence, a whole sentence, or even multiple sentences.

The first Seeker to find matching text announces "I've got it" and starts the one-minute timer. When the timer runs out (or every Seeker announces "I've got it"), each Seeker reads what they've found. Seekers who didn't find text in time open to a random page and read a random sentence from it.

The Picker chooses their favorite submission and awards the card to that Reader. After each round, the person to the left of the last Picker starts the next round. Whenever a player collects her third card, everyone passes their book to the player on their left. Thus, it can happen as many times as there are players.

The first player to collect the required number of cards, wins the game. Number of cards required to win: 5-7 players - 4 cards, 3-4 players - 5 cards.

Contents: 100 cards, 1 sand timer, rules of play.


Number of Players 3+
Playing Time 20 minutes
Suggested Ages 12 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics simultaneous action selection, party game, humor, card game
Designer Moore, Matthew
Illustrator Luke Nalker
Publisher Gamewright
Year Published 2015
Binding Box
Condition New

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