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Revolving Card Holder/Tray for Six Decks (6-deck capacity)



Six-deck Revolving Card Holder. This tray is perfect for Canasta, Hand and Foot, and other multiple-deck card games requiring draw and discard piles.

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When you need a large card tray for Canasta and other multiple-deck card games, this Six-Deck Revolving Card Holder/Tray fits the bill. Up to six deck of bridge or poker-size playing cards, including 100% plastic playing cards, will fit in this revolving plastic card tray.

Two compartments keep your draw and discard piles neatly stacked. The tray rotates for easy viewing by the current player. This six-deck revolving card tray is an excellent accessory for Canasta, Hand and Foot and other card games that utilize multiple decks of playing cards.

  • Ideal for any card game with Give and Take hands.
  • The handy valet for card players.
  • Sturdy clear plastic construction.
  • Gently swivels on a turn-table base to make drawing cards easier.
  • 6-deck capacity.
  • Perfect for Canasta, Hand and Foot, and other multi-deck card games.

Contents: 1 plastic, revolving card tray. Capacity: six decks of bridge or poker-sized playing cards or 100% plastic playing cards.

** Cards NOT included. **


Mechanics card holder, card tray, Canasta, Hand and Foot, divided card tray, revolving card tray, divided card holder, revolving card holder
Publisher CHH
Condition New

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