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Red Dragon Inn Allies: Ohara vs. Murgath



The Red Dragon Inn Allies: Ohara vs. Murgath - Red Dragon Inn expansion

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The Red Dragon Inn Allies: Ohara vs. Murgath - Red Dragon Inn expansion

Ohara, the Grand Cleric: Ohara has been the matron of the Great Temple of Greyport for longer than some of our heroes have been alive. Among her duties are healing, miracle work, team-building exercises, and earning the All-Mother's blessings by trying to keep all four of the Great Divines in harmony with one another.

The Good: The blessings of the All-Mother are a powerful incentive to Ohara's good works.
The Bad: Getting four fickle deities to agree on anything takes a LOT of convincing.

Murgath the Blessed: We all know the story of the adventurer who has the misfortune of being stuck with a cursed item. But what about the villain who is stuck with a blessed item? Murgath is a vile, ruthless Blackguard who can't get rid of the holy sword Banefall. Banefall does everything in her power to stay Murgath's hand and interfere with his evil plans.

The Bad: Murgath is a fearsome enemy.
The Worse: He is this powerful even with Banefall holding him back!

The Red Dragon Inn: Allies is a series of expansions for any standalone The Red Dragon Inn game. This Allies set includes two new Character Decks, plus components to add them to your game. Includes custom Player Mats and Deck Dividers for use with The Red Dragon Inn 5: The Character Trove!

Contents: 2 40-card character decks, 4 diety cards, 18-card blessing deck, 15-card Murgath boss deck, 2 Fortitude markers, 2 Alcohol Content markers, 1 Red Dragon Inn prize card, gold coin tokens, player mats, deck dividers, rules.


Number of Players 2 to 5
Playing Time 30 to 60 minutes
Suggested Ages 13 and up
Mechanics card game, betting, wagering, trick-taking, variable player powers, fantasy, humor, medieval, expansion, Red Dragon Inn
Designer Waller, Sam and Jeff Morrow
Publisher Slug Fest Games
Year Published 2019
Binding Box
Condition New


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