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Clan War (Legend of the Five Rings)



Clan War - is an L5R (Legend of the five rings) supplement meant to allow for heroic battles in the system making mass combat a breeze.

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Clan War Daimyo Edition is the definitive rulebook for heroic miniatures battles in Legends of the Five Ring's Rokugan! The Emerald Empire--a land of honor, steel, and sorcery--has been ravaged by the enmity and ambition of powerful factions. As the Emperor lies dying in his bed, an empty throne beckons to all with the strength to claim it. Heroic samurai, powerful shugenja, and fantastic creatures clash in epic battles. Gather your weapons, strap on your armor, and prepare for war!

Clan War Daimyo Edition Rulebook includes:

  • Updated, streamlined and reorganized rules.
  • The forces of all eleven Clans plus the Empire's ronin forces (Nearly 500 unit profiles in all).
  • All available spells and items.
  • Storyline advancement to the Time of the Void from the Legend of the Five Rings CCG.
  • Complete rules index and glossary.
  • Color painting tips section.

Condition: Good+, Marking on back of book


Mechanics roleplaying, fantasy, L5R, Dungeons and Dragons
Author Carpenter, Ken
Publisher Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)
Year Published 2000
Binding Hard Cover
Condition Good+

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