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Guardians RPG boxed set Roleplaying Game



Guardians RPG boxed set Roleplaying Game is the game of heroic high adventure. Live the fantasy!

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Guardians RPG boxed set Roleplaying Game is the game of heroic high adventure. Live the fantasy!

You patrol the mean streets of the city each night, ready to defend the citizenry from the foul machinizations of the criminal elements. A desperate cry for help slices through the cool night air, and you spring into action.

Soaring through the sky light a majestic bird-of-prey, you come upon the scene. Frightened and alone, a young woman tries in vain to hold off the four vermin stalking her. You land close by, immediately drawing the attention of the gang's leader. 'Man, this jus' ain'tcha night,' he growls, a cruel smile slowly forming on his lips.

All four turn towards you and begin to advance. Reflected in the moonlight the unmistakable glistening of cold steel greets you. The rhythm of your heart quickens, and you feel the raw power burning deep inside you, ready to burst from your body. A slight grin plays across your lips. 'Maybe you're right,' you reply, 'but it's off to one helluva start.'

Using the same basic rules as JUSTIFIERS RPG, it is an easy-to-play percentile percentile based gaming system. Both player and gamemaster are given plenty of opportunity to tailor characters they will enjoy gaming. Getting back to its comic book roots, Guardians has an established continuity, or history, which os presented throughout the game as comic art sequence. You can set your campaigns anywhere (or at any time) in the Guardian timeline, and the mechanics are such that they can be used for almost any genre of roleplaying. Comic art sequences are also used in adventure scenarios to give the GM an additional tool; instead of describing a scene, the GM can now show it.

Contents: 1 GUARDIANS RPG main game book, 1 FREEDOM UNION Adventures Companion, 1 pad of Guardians Character Sheets.


Mechanics roleplaying, comics, hero, adventure
Designer Perham, James
Publisher Dark Tower Enterprises
Year Published 1992
Condition Fair

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