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RuneQuest Monsters



Unique creatures and monsters of the classic roleplaying game.

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RuneQuest Monsters is an invaluable resource for any RuneQuest game, containing listings for over 150 monsters. Within these pages is ahost of creatures to populate any RuneQuest setting. They range from the ordinary and familiar, creatures of the natural world such as bears and snakes, to the fantastic and alien, creatures born of Chaos, magic and the spirit world.

RuneQuest Monsters also provides information on how to create a full-fledged character using the various sentient races found within the book and rules for crafting armour from the hide of your foes.

Should you choose to enter beware. If you dare to face any of the beasts inside make sure you have your wits about you, as cold steel and powerful magic may not always be enough to tip the balance in your favour...

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