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Small World Realms



Small World Realms is an expansion for Small World and Small World Underground. It provides new Terrain tiles and Scenarios making it the definitive World-building toolkit!

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Small World Realms: Renowned for their superb cartography, the maps of the Imperial Wizards detailed even the most obscure caves and secretive races of Small World. But the Great Cataclysm (Mystic Orcs at play?) shook the landscape, redrawing frontiers and creating new Realms to be explored the world over...

Small World Realms provides scores of puzzle-like geomorphic Terrain regions and a dozen new Scenarios, including such instant classics as The Rusted Throne and A Game of Gods, that make this expansion the definitive World building toolkit for Small World and Small World Underground fans alike.

From BoardGameGeek:
Small World Realms is an expansion that goes in a different direction from almost all the previous expansions for Small World. The main idea of Small World is that many different races fight for supremacy in a world too small to hold everyone peaceably. Every game is different because the races are different, with each race being combined with a randomly determined power. The expansions have added new races and new powers, which have created ever more combinations for each game.

This time publisher Days of Wonder has gone in a different direction by changing the world itself, offering a package of large Terrain region tiles that can be combined in many ways for use in pre-printed scenarios or maps of your own creation. The hexes are double-sided with the terrain types from Small World on one side and Small World Underground on the other.

The Terrain tiles are the core part of the expansion, and each tile contains 1-3 regions, with the regions being particular terrain types or water. Caves, mines and magic areas ? special locations that interact with particular races ? are displayed in some of the regions. To make construction of the playing area easier when using one of the scenarios, each tile is marked with a different letter.

Also included in Small World Realms are six chasm tiles and four peak tiles; you can place a peak on a mountain tile to make it taller and therefore even harder to conquer, requiring four units to conquer an empty peak! Eight special counters ? e.g., Rusted Throne, Castle, Mill, and a Yeti-like monster ? are used in particular scenarios. Six tunnels, along the lines of those included in the Small World: Tunnels promo expansion, are included as well.

Small World Realms includes 12 pre-made scenarios, along with rules and hints for how to create your own maps. The scenarios offer a fair amount of variability, with some optimized for 4-6 players, others for three, and five playable by two.

The scenarios presented in the box are just the tip of the iceberg.? As Days of Wonder and fans create new scenarios using the great range of possibilities offered by the Small Worlds Realms expansion, Small World isn't a Small World after all!

Contents: 48 geomorphic two-sided Terrain tiles, 12 Tunnels, 10 Victory Coin Mines, 8 miscellaneous tokens (Rusted Throne, etc.), 6 River Border markers, 1 game turn track, 1 rules booklet with 12 Scenarios.


Number of Players 2 to 6
Playing Time 40 to 80 minutes
Suggested Ages 8 and up
Mechanics area control, variable player power, civilization, fantasy, territory building, expansion, Small World
Designer Niemann, Tory
Illustrator Miguel Coimbra
Publisher Days of Wonder
Year Published 2012
Binding Box
Condition New


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