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Tigris & Euphrates is a game of rival dynasties set in ancient Mesopotamia. The ruler who cultivates the most balanced and advanced civilization wins.

It is the dawn of civilization. In the fertile crecent between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, cities are emerging for the first time in human history. From these disordered foundations, a great dynasty is about to rise up that will dominate Mesopotamia and rule all of the civilized world.

Tigris & Euphrates is a game of rival dynasties set in ancient Mesopotamia. Create a dynamic culture by balancing commerce, agriculture, housing, and religion while also competing with your opponents for the area's limited resources, laying claim to developing regions, and amassing as much treasure as possible. The ruler who has cultivated the most balanced and advanced civilization wins.

This updated version of the classic Tigris & Euphrates board game contains a double-sided game board depicting Mesopotamia, 27 detailed plastic components representing monuments and other architecture, and over a hundred tiles for temples, markets, settlements, farms, and all the building blocks of civilization.

Tigris & Euphrates is regarded by many as Reiner Knizia's masterpiece. Part of Reiner Knizia's tile-laying trilogy: Tigris & Euphrates, Samurai, and?Through the Desert.

Game Play:?

Players are given four different leaders: farming, trading, religion, and government. The leaders are used to collect victory points in these same categories. However, your score at the end of the game is the number of points in your weakest category, which encourages players to not overly specialize. Conflict arises when civilizations connect on the board, i.e., external conflicts, with only one leader of each type surviving such a conflict. Leaders can also be replaced within a civilization through internal conflicts.


  • 1997 Meeples' Choice Award
  • 1998 Deutscher Spiele Preis Best Family/Adult Game Winner
  • 1998 Spiel des Jahres Recommended


  • 1 double-sided game board
  • 6 plastic Monuments
  • 16 plastic Leaders
  • 4 plastic Civilization Buildings
  • 1 plastic Shedu Idol
  • 4 player screens (1 for each dynasty)
  • 57 Temple tiles
  • 36 Farm tiles
  • 30 Settlement tiles
  • 30 Market tiles
  • 8 Catastrophe tiles
  • 4 Unification tiles
  • 1 Wonder tile
  • 14 Treasure tokens
  • 35 Amulet tokens
  • 35 Crop tokens
  • 35 Brick tokens
  • 35 Goods tokens
  • 1 cloth bag (for civilization tiles)
  • 1 rulebook


Number of Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 1 to 2 hours
Suggested Ages 14 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics area control, hand management, set collection, tile placement, ancient, civilization, territory building
Designer Knizia, Reiner
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Year Published 2014
Binding Box
Condition New

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