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Hansa Teutonica East-Expansion



Hansa Teutonica East-Expansion - Two new expansions in one board for the quintessent Euro game.

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Hansa Teutonica East-Expansion - Two new expansions in one board for the quintessent Euro game.

The German Hanse expands into the eastern regions of ?Europe. New alliances must be forged and ocean routes are growing more and more important, increasingly depending on wholesalers. Even cities not affiliated to the Hansa now were supposed to become part of its network. The players have to meet new challenges in order to reinforce their reputation as best merchant.

The Cards Expansion:

You can use this expansion only in combination with the game board of the basic Hansa Teutonica game. Shuffle the cards and deal one to each player; leftovers go in the box. Each card names three cities. At game end, players gain one presitge point for each city named on their card in which they have established at least one of their Kontors/office. Players score an additional 5 points if they succeed in owning the majority of Kontors in all three of the cities on their card. The two topmost cities listed on each card, also appear on two or more cards, so they could be on other players' cards as well.

The New Map Board Expansion:

This expansion requires the cubes, discs player mats, bonus markers and black cube of the base game. Setup and all rules of the base game remain unchanged. The new map board introduces several new elements to the game, including: Warrens, ocean trade routes and permanent bonus markers.

Note: This is an expansion for Hansa Teutonica, a copy of which is necessary to play.

Contents: 1 two-sided game board, ?9 cards, 1 rule booklet.

The game contains no language-dependent parts other than the rulebook.

Historical note: The Hanseatic League emerged, rather than being explicitly founded, in the middle of the 12th century. Since there was no formal application to join until the later half of 14th century, it was impossible to tell which cities belonged to the League during this period. It was believed, however, that almost 200 cities were involved in some capacity with the League.


Number of Players 3 to 5
Playing Time 45 to 90 minutes
Suggested Ages 12 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics action point allowance, route building, economic, renaissance, expansion, Hansa Teutonica
Designer Steding, Andreas
Illustrator Dennis Lohausen
Publisher Argentum Verlag
Year Published 2010
Binding Bag
Condition New


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