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Pax Renaissance



Pax Renaissance - an economic simulation game set in Europe during the Renaissance period.

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Pax Renaissance - an economic simulation game set in Europe during the Renaissance period.

"From Venice to Cathay, from Seville to the Gold Coast of Aftrica, men anchored their ships and opened their ledgers and weighed one thing against another as if nothing would ever change."

As a Renaissance banker, you will finance kings or republics, sponsor voyages of discovery, join secret cabals, or unleash jihads and inquisitions. Your choices determine whether Europe is elevated into the bright modern era or remains festering in dark feudalism.

Four victories determine the future course of Western Society: Will it be towards imperialism, trade globalization, religious totalitarianism, or enlightened art and science?

Game Play:

In Pax Renaissance, you have two actions each turn. As in other Pax games, you can acquire cards in a market, sell them out of the game, or play them into your tableau. You can also stimulate the economy by running trade fairs and trading voyages for Oriental goods. A map of Europe with trade routes from Portugal to Crimea is included, and discovering new trade routes can radically alter the importance and wealth of empires, ten of which are in each game.

Pax Rensaissance reimplements Lords of the Renaissance and is in the tradition of Pax Pamir and Pax Porifiriana.


Number of Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 1 to 2 hours
Suggested Ages 12 and up
Mechanics card drafting, simulation, tableau building, Renaissance, Venice, Pax
Designer Ehlund, Phil and Matt
Publisher Sierra Madre Games
Year Published 2016
Binding Box
Condition New

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