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Trans Atlantic; Featuring 50 historic ships, TransAtlantic revives the golden era of ocean liners at the turn of the 20th century.

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Trans Atlantic; Featuring 50 historic ships, Trans Atlantic revives the golden era of ocean liners at the turn of the 20th century.

Ever bigger and faster steamships revolutionized maritime traffic. Modern steel juggernauts replaced traditional sailing ships, and competed intensely for freight, passengers and postal transport. The prestigious Blue Riband, won by the fastest ship across the North Atlantic to New York, also sparked the competition between the leading shipping lines of their time.

Build yourself a thriving shipping fleet and guide it to economic prosperity. Acquire the most modern steamships on the market and take over the shipping routes of your competitors. Make use of diverse options to carry out lucrative transports and win the Blue Riband of the North Atlantic. Build an extensive network of trading posts and coal bunkers to expand the capabilities of your fleet.

With focused use of the cards in their hand and clever deck-building, 2 to 4 players from 13 year and up control the destinies of their companies. However, it is not just their financial success that matters, but also the proper composition of their fleets. Trans Atlantic is an exciting strategy game, where both strategic planning and careful attention to new game situations are equally essential.

Contents: 108 Wooden Pieces (40 captains, 28 trade posts, 45 coal cubes), 5 sea regions, 5 player sheets, 1 ship market, 1 victory point chart, 8 victory point markers, 2 final scoring summary, 4 directors, 67 markers, 32 contracts, 4 box inserts, 110 cards (50 ships, 5 buildings, 54 action cards, 1 starting player card) 80 banknotes, rules, almanac "Age of Steam Ships"


Number of Players 2 to 6
Playing Time 90 minutes
Suggested Ages 13 and up
Mechanics Economic, Industry / Manufacturing, Nautical Transportation, Deck / Pool Building, Modular Board
Designer Gerdts, Mac
Illustrator Dominik Mayer
Publisher Rio Grande Games
Year Published 2017

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