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Dominations Road to Civilization



Dominations Road to Civilization: History belongs to you!

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In Dominations, almost everything can earn you points which in turn will win you the game. Those things that don't can be made to, should you decide that's the path your civilization should walk. Everything is up to you and the choices youo makr throughout the ages will determine whether your nation becomes a shining light in the pages of history, or is eclipsed by another...

Dominations is an advanced Eurogame which offers players a great amount of freedom to choose and develop their strategies. The core mechanics of the game are simple yet offer a lot of depth, keeping the game fluid and immersive. Additionally, players will appreciate the game's competitive yet non-confrontational style, pushing them to concentrate on making the greatest civilization they can, not crushing others. Veteran board gamers will be able to draw out all the subtleties of the game's vast array of possibilities, whereas novice players can quickly assimilate the core rules before moving on to learn the key elements of the Eurogame genre.

Contents: 90 land tiles with storage trays, 1 Cradle of Humanity tile, 288 mastery cards with storage trays, 4 campfire cards, 16 objective cards, 12 monuments including cards and standees, 6 domination cards, 4 player boards with tokens and sliders, 1 scoreboard, 72 player counters, player & mastery gaming aids


Number of Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 90 to 120 minutes
Suggested Ages 13 and up
Mechanics Civilization, Area Majority / Influence, Modular Board, Set Collection, Tile Placement
Designer Dubus, Eric and Olivier Melison
Illustrator Loïc Muzy, Agathe Pitié, Amber Scharf, Florian Stitz
Publisher Holy Grail Games
Year Published 2019

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