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Felinia is a trading, collecting, and exploring board game that is modular and includes both a beginner and an advanced game. Third part in the Gold Trilogy.

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Gold! Spices! Felinia is a mysterious continent, full of exotic riches! It?s up to you to establish profitable trading posts, but beware: the competition is stiff. Alone or with a partner, hire a ship, fill its hulls full of refined merchandise, and set off to make yourself a fortune.

Felinia is extremely interactive. It mixes an original bidding system with clever movement rules. Felinia is fascinating and addictive, for players new to games as well as confirmed masters.

From the rule booklet:
In the City of Katzburg, merchants are all discussing the big news. The mayor, Henry-Cat, has signed a trade agreement with the newly-discovered continent of Felinia. In exchange for precious goods (rare books, fine wines, precision watches, luxury clothing, and refined glassware), the Kingdoms of Felinia have agreed to let them install trading posts.

Space is limited: You will have to act very quickly!

Four ships have been chartered by the City to visit the five countries on Felinia. To board them, you must have a specific combination of merchandise provided by the markets of the City and requested by the leaders of Felinia. This also means you will have to earn money to be able to afford those purchases.

The prices of the various merchandises are set by supply and demand, and can sometimes go very high! It's the price you must pay to be on board one of the ships with hopes to establish a trading post on Felinia. Maybe you can collect gold and spices in the process!

Each player represents a Family of Merchants whose goal is to have the highest prosperity at the time the last ship leaves Katzburg.

Felinia is the third part in the Gold Trilogy, after Valdora and The Golden City. In the first two parts, a city and a valley got explored; this time it's a whole country.

Felinia is a trading, collecting, and exploring board game that is modular and includes both a beginner and an advanced game.


  • 2012 Games 100 Nominee, Best Strategy Game.
  • Game by Game 2011, Recommendation

Contents: 1 double-sided game board, 4 player boards, 4 3-D ships, 40 traders, 4 markers, 12 bid tokens, tiles (45 merchandise, 30 trade, 8 special, 5 bonus, 20 ships),???? 55 cards, 1 bag, 1 rule booklet.


Number of Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 60 to 90 minutes
Suggested Ages 10 and up
Demo Available Yes
Mechanics area influence, area movement, auction, bidding, set collection, exploration, medieval, mythology, territory building, Gold Trilogy
Designer Schacht, Michael
Illustrator Julien Delval
Publisher Asmodee Editions
Year Published 2009
Binding Box
Condition New


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