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Power Grid: Quebec/Baden-Wuerttemberg Expansion



Power Grid: Quebec/Baden-Wuerttemberg is the 2nd official set of expansion maps for Power Grid provides two new maps for Power Grid: Benelux on one side and Central Europe on the other.

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Power Grid: Qu?bec & Baden-W?rttemberg Expansion provides two new maps for Power Grid: Qu?bec on one side and Baden-Wuerttemberg on the other. You will need a copy of the Power Grid game to play with it.

As with the original Power Grid's game board, each side of the board features a different map. Along with the maps, the expansion provides small rule changes to reflect the power culture in these two areas. The result is not just new maps, but new ways to play this great game!

The two maps included in Power Grid: Qu?bec & Baden-W?rttemberg were previously released in two separate Power Grid base games: Qu?bec is part of M?gawatts, the French edition of the game released by Filosofia, while Baden-W?rttemberg was included in Funkenschlag: EnBW, a German edition of the game from EnBW.

In Qu?bec, the Canadian province Qu?bec places great emphasis on energy production via ecological hydro power plants. Once an ecological power plant has been added to the power plant market, it will remain until purchased by a player or removed when the number on it is lower than the number of cities power by any player. The two cities of Montreal and Qu?bec City offer several cheap connections, making this map challenging with several layers of decisions for building the best networks.

In Baden-W?rttemberg, the clocks move differently: The main change focuses on the order of phases of a game round. First, you buy power plants, then you rearrange the player order. Furthermore, as this province is small, several transregional locations may be connected only starting in Step 2.

According to the publisher, only a single printing of Power Grid: Qu?bec & Baden-W?rttemberg will be produced, although the Qu?bec map will remain available in M?gawatts.

About Power Grid:
The object of Power Grid is to supply the most cities with power when someone?s network gains a predetermined size. Players mark pre-existing routes between cities for connection, and then vie against other players to purchase the power plants that you use to supply the power. However, as plants are purchased, newer more efficient plants become available so you?re potentially allowing others access to superior equipment merely by purchasing at all. Additionally, players must acquire the raw materials, like coal, oil, garbage, or uranium, to power said plants (except for the highly valuable renewable energy wind/solar plants), making it a constant struggle to upgrade your plants for maximum efficiency while still retaining enough wealth to quickly expand your network to get the cheapest routes.

Power Grid: Qu?bec/Baden-Wuerttemberg Expansion contents: 1 two-sided board (Qu?bec on one side, Baden-Wuerttemberg on the other), rules sheet.


Number of Players 2 to 6
Playing Time 90 to 120 minutes
Suggested Ages 12 and up
Mechanics economic, auction, bidding, network building, industry, expansion, Power Grid
Designer Friese, Friedemann
Illustrator Maura Kalusky
Publisher Rio Grande Games
Year Published 2006
Binding Shrink-wrapped
Condition New


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