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Irondie: Color 10-Sided Die - Ztark d10 (single d10)


Irondie: Color 10-Sided Die - Ztark d10 (a single d10) in Black, Green, Orange, Red, White, or Gold.

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Irondie: Color 10-Sided Die - Ztark d10?(a single d10) in Black, Green, Orange, Red, White, or Gold.

This unique 10-Sided Color Irondie Die was created for a collectible metal dice game called Irondie. ?Irondie dice are beautifully crafted metal dice that you can also use with existing board games, roleplaying games or miniature wargames. ?

Irondie Dice are made of silver-plated, white metal and covered with a colored translucent paint to highlight their metal luster. Their mass is much more substantive than any plastic or resin die, making for a unique gaming feel and experience.

These Color 10-Sided Irondie Dice are available in eight different colors (Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, or Yellow) and two different shapes (Death or Ztark).

About Irondie: ?Irondie, The Game, uses combinations of nine different types of dice, each with eight different colors. There are endless possibilities for creating personalized sets, so you can surprise your friends with new strategies and combinations every time.

Irondie is not a difficult game, but the difference between playing and mastering it lies in a player?s experience. A champion will have well-composed sets of dice and know how best to use them. The game is recommended for players of ages 13 and up.

Contents: 1 ten-sided die.


Designer Irondrake
Binding None
Condition New

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