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Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart



Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart

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Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart

During a routine excavation of a coal quarry, the robot miners found a unique artifact: The Coal Heart of Unlimited Power. Any robot that possesses it for 24 hours will become all-powerful! Soon, robots from all over the world sought out the Coal Heart. Play as the greatest robot fighters in the world to capture the Coal Heart and become ALL-POWERFUL!

Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart is a fast-paced role-selection robot-building game. Seize control of the Coal Heart and siphon the health of your enemies. Will you stand as the last unbroken champion, or will you fall to the wayside with the rest of the junkyard?

Contents: 32 gear cards, 1 quarry card, 6 play mats, resource bag, 7 action hexes, 1 coal heart hex, first player card, 66 robot parts, 12 tracker tokens, 60 resource cubes.


Number of Players 3 to 6
Playing Time 60 to 90 minutes
Suggested Ages 9 and up
Mechanics Fighting, Science Fiction, Card Drafting, Tile Placement, Variable Phase Order, Variable Player Powers
Designer Davis, Duncan and Jackclyn Ngo
Illustrator Gil Geolingo
Publisher Sherwood Games
Year Published 2016

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