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The Rivals for Catan two-player card game. Build a principality and outsmart your rival!

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The Rivals for Catan two-player card game. Build a principality and outsmart your rival!

The Rivals for Catan puts you in charge of one of the two factions developing newly-settled Catan. Use your unique card mix to create your own principality. Explore and settle new lands. Acquire resources through card play and the luck of the dice. Use gold, resource combinations, and trade to develop your domain.? Expand your settlements and cities, recruit heroes, and defend your lands through politics, invention, and intrigue.

Your cunning and a dash of luck decides who will be Prince of Catan!

The Rivals for Catan is the perfect way for 2 players to settle and develop the mysterious, fantastic land of Catan in a casual, ever-changing card game.

From BoardGameGeek:
The Rivals for Catan is a reimplementation of Catan Card Game released in 2010, the 15th anniversary of the original card game. The game's designer, Klaus Teuber, say he completely reworked many of the original card game's mechanics to make it easier for newcomers to play.

In The Rivals for Catan, each player portrays a prince for Catan, developing his individual provinces and competing to build a more successful province than his opponent. The basic mode of play is similar to the original Catan Card Game, where players expand their provinces by building settlements connected by roads. Players may also build expansions in their settlements that aid them in various ways, or upgrade their settlements to cities to allow more expansions to be built. Players build these additions by using resources accumulated each turn - determined by rolling a die. Cards are drawn each turn to replenish the players' hands. Players may also use action cards to directly affect either their own province or their opponent's province.

The Rivals for Catan features a reduced pool of cards, without the more aggressive style of action cards found in the original Catan Card Game. All action cards can be used from the beginning of the game, unlike in the original card game.

Ways to Play:
The Introductory Game focuses on the basics of the card game, featuring gameplay that is more appropriate for newcomers. This game is played to 7 victory points and includes 36 Expansion Cards in four stacks. This play style should take beginner players 25 to 30 minutes to play.

Three Theme Games add more rules, expansions, and aggressive cards. These Theme Games may be played individually or combined to play a variant called 'The Duel of the Princes.' Each Theme Game adds 24 Expansion and Event Cards to the cards from the Introductory Game, which are placed in two stacks separately from the cards from the Introductory Game. When playing a Theme Game, playtime should be around 45 to 60 minutes.

As with the original Catan Card Game, players can also play the Tournament Game, in which each player chooses specific cards to build their deck ahead of time from which they draw during the game.

Another difference between the original Catan Card Game and The Rivals for Catan is the theme: it's no longer restricted only to the feudal era of the Middle Ages. The Introductory Game portrays the very early years of the world of Catan, while each Theme Game takes place in progressively later eras. These eras are known as The Era of Gold, The Era of Turmoil, and The Era of Progress.

Contents: 180 cards, production die, event die, trade token, hero token, rules and card index.


Number of Players 2
Playing Time 90 minutes
Suggested Ages 10 and up
Mechanics card game, territory building, card drafting, hand management, trading, Catan, Rivals for Catan
Designer Teuber, Klaus
Illustrator Michael Menzel
Publisher Mayfair Games
Year Published 2012
Binding Box
Condition New


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