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Patchwork Christmas edition



Patchwork Christmas edition: the puzzle game of quilt making for 2 players

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Patchwork Christmas edition - So many pieces of cloth and patches lying around - time to make a beautiful, Christmas-themed quilt out of them! This requires significant effort and time though and a steady supply of buttons. The player who picks the best patches and combines them most skillfully into a patchwork quilt wins the game.

Contents: 1 time board, 2 quilt boards, 2 time markers, 1 neutral token, 33 patches, 5 special patches, 1 special tile, 50 button tiles, 1 rule book.


Number of Players2
Playing Time30 minutes
Suggested Ages8 and up
Mechanicscard drafting, tile placement, time track, puzzle, abstract games, family games
DesignerRosenberg, Uwe
IllustratorKlemens Franz
PublisherLookout Games
Year Published2020

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