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War of the Ring S.R. 1418 to 1419



War of the Ring S.R. 1418 to 1419 is a fantasy war simulation game based on J. R.R. Tolkein's Lord of The Rings

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War of the Ring S.R. 1418 to 1419 is a fantasy war simulation game based on J. R.R. Tolkein's Lord of The Rings

From the box: The course of the battle... The council of Elrond has convened; representatives of all of the Free Peoples have come to find a way out of the terror of Sauron's lengthening shadow. Nine are chosen from among the Hobbits, Men, Dwarves, and Elves to embark on a peerilous errand: to destroy the One Ring - the great Ring of Power, that embodies so much of the Dark Lord's strength - by casting it into the fires of Mount Doom.

As the Fellowship make their way south, the call to war comes to Gondor. Long the bastion of the western defense, that once mighty empire has waned under the constant pressure from Mordor's threats and under the generations- long absence of her king. Now, as the dark host threatens to overwhelm her, Gondor calls to her allies - the Riders of Rohan - to her aid in the final conflict. Allies of the Dark Lord pour into Mordor by the thousands, mustering for the great onslaught, while into Gondor come the few - the mere hundreds who can be spared by other fiefdoms. The great City of Minas Tirinth, with its seven great walls and its impregnable Citadel, awaits the attack with too few men, too few swords, too little hope....

The Course of The Game
: This game is a similation of fictional events. It is played on a map showing the entire area of Middle Earth over which the War of the Ring raged in the Third Age. A grid of hexegons is superimposed over the terrain to regulate movement in much the same manner as the squares do on a chess board.

The pieces in the game represent the various military units and characters who played a role in Tolkein's antasy war. The large numbers on the pieces indicate the relative strengths and abilities of these units. Each player manuvers his pieces on the map in turn; then the units of both sides may engage in battle when they occupy the same hex. The total relative strengths of the involved units are compared, along with various modifications for terrain and special character abilities, and the players consult the appropriate tables to determine the outcome in terms of casulties to either side. The game proceeds in this manner for a specified number of game turns as the Players try to achieve the objectives set forth in the rules. No prior knowledge of Middle Earth or military tactics to play the game - just a little ingenuity and common sense.

Contents: 3 mounted map sections, 400 dice-cut cardboard playing pieces, one rules folder, including two identical sheets of game charts and tables and four identical endurance level charts, one deck of 112 player cards, one plastic storage tray, one plastic die


Number of Players 2 to 3
Playing Time 2 to 3 hours
Suggested Ages 12 and up
Mechanics roleplaying, fantasy, novel
Designer Barasch, Howard
Illustrator Bakshi
Publisher S.P.I.
Year Published 1977
Condition Good

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