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Anzio (4th edition), The struggle for Italy 1943-1945.

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Anzio (4th edition), The struggle for Italy 1943-1945.

Anzio is played on a 44" X 14" mapboard of Italy, the game recreates the Allies amphibious invasions and campaigns to secure the peninsula leading to the heart of Europe. The Allies face not only the German and Italian armies, but some of the most varied terrain in the world.

Unit counters represent American, British, Greek, Canadian, Polish, French, Indian, German, and Italian forces. Order of Battles are available for a variety of mini-games and the campaign game, providing a highly versatile game of almost any duration and complexity.

The twenty-four page rule book is divided into a basic game and several advanced versions. Each advanced version adding more and more rules, complicating while making the game more realistic and adding the·feel of the actual problems, decisions, and actions of the campaign.

Game features include: unit step reduction, naval bombardment, tactical airpower, paratroopers, limited intelligence, breakthrough combat, supply, stacking values, special terrain effects, and fortifications A gem for the hardcore gamer. Players can select their own combination of playability and realism. Probably the most underpublisized and under appreciated game around. A silent "Classic"

Condition: One box corner split, dishing on box top, all counters punched but present.

Contents: 7 map boards, 6 sheets of counters (over 2500), 4 player aid cards, 4 tri fold scenarios, clarifications sheet, 1 six -sided random number generator, rulebook


Number of Players 2
Playing Time 2 to 4 hours
Suggested Ages 14 and up
Mechanics wargame, American World War II, dice rolling, hex-and-counter, Italy
Designer Oleson,Tom and David Williams
Illustrator Rodger B. MacGowan
Publisher Avalon Hill
Year Published 1980
Binding Box
Condition Acceptable

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